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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. If they're sending out checks... How does one get a check?
    My drivers license is not updated with my current address and i'm moving in a week. How will they know where to send it?
    .... I'm just not going to get one, huh?
  2. Did you file 2018 or 2019 taxes? If you have for 2019 and had your returns direct deposited, they will verify that info and dd it. It’s going through the IRS so those poor calls enter employees are going to be getting bombarded.
  3. Ah okay. I didn't file for 2019 yet because i've been procrastinating but I did for 2018 so if they just use that direct deposit info we'll be good.
  4. Their argument makes no sense when you can't even get unemployment unless you are laid off. You can't just decide to quit and then draw unemployment so no there is no incentive for people to stay jobless because of this but shock surprise they go to their usual bullshit. This is literally just throwing shit at the wall at this point.

  5. Make this fucking make any sense what he's arguing here, it's absolute nuttery.
  6. I've been filling and paying taxes in the US for the last 9 years but my poor immigrant ass is bound to get nilch
  7. Trump is a fucking psycho.
  8. Maybe now is the time for Putin to reveal how Trump has been working for him since the 1980s, to just really pull out the pin of the grenade that is our 2020.
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  9. [​IMG]

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  10. Does this bill protect independent contractors whatsoever?
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  11. Things could have changed since then, but last night I read the weekly $600 unemployment insurance benefit the federal government will administer (that stacks with existing state-level UI) can also be claimed by self employed/gig workers. And the one-time $1,200 payment can be claimed by anyone who filed a tax return this year or last.
  12. Thank god for Bernie, honestly.
  13. 3Xs


    This entire crisis ripping the decaying skin off American capitalism and vindicating everything Bernie's been preachin and prayin and sayin this whole time.
  14. I love the way Trump arbitrarily picked Easter as when he intends to get this all over with and end social distancing and quarantines... Like he KNOWS that makes no sense and there's no way that is smart to do but he's going to say it anyways to appeal to all his religious fanbase. Because getting their votes come November is more important than keeping them alive even though the dead can't vote and he needs to just get out of his ego for long enough to make a smarter call here.
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  15. Noooooooooooooo
  16. I can’t believe we’ve had a primary with an entire field of right wingers screaming at one old man that America needs employer-based profit-driven private healthcare right before a GLOBAL PANDEMIC CAUSES MASS UNEMPLOYMENT. You couldn’t write anything more horrific if you tried. Whew, fuck Democrats.
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  17. It's almost like everything the left has been saying for years was true!
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