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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. I just... don't understand what people are seeing? What are they approving of? His denial that there's an issue? Refusing to give aid to states that need it? Valuing the economy over human life? Blatantly lying about the fact that he slashed CDC funding and ignored warnings? Lashing out at reporters?

    Is 52% of the country literally shit-for-brains?
  2. As I grow older, I take this as fact and try to live with it, despite aspiring towards humanist ideals.
  3. I think they're rallying around the flag for now because it makes them feel better, but they'll stop doing it once people they know start dying. Which is going to start happening soon because President Fuckface doesn't "believe" in the need for more ventilators. Jesus Christ, he is so, so stupid and I am so, so angry.
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  4. I've never been more serious about wanting to live out the rest of my life in another country.
  5. Unfortunately things are gonna have to get a lot worse for Trump supporters to see past his veil of lies.
  6. Sadly a lot of them are so sick and sadistic that they'll still support him even after multiple family members pass away.
  7. I mean, even liberals are completely undiscerning for the most part. Not really shocked. We been knew he's got the re-election basically locked up at this point.
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  8. Trump’s approval is already tanking this week on the issue so at least it was short lived. Real life repercussions are starting to hit and a lot of people are waking up, not enough for my liking but people are taking notice.
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  9. I also learned the other day that over 50% of Americans have zero investments in the stock market, like not even 401ks or whatever. And 2% of the population owns 90% of the total stock. I honestly didn’t even realize it was that irrelevant.
  10. I’m, perhaps naively, operating under a similar assumption. We’ll see over the next month or so.
  11. dddd sis, like 2/3rds of American workers don't have 401ks and most of the third that do are largely burdened in having to pay for their retirement instead of their employer. There's a few people who think such a focus on 401k plans actually has set back the labor and workers movement from real material gains.
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  12. Is this like a marathon or something?
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  13. My aunt screaming that her 401k got wiped out by 250K the past month (she had close to a million) and my poor ass sitting there thinking my $5k in mine is big bucks. I only contribute the lowest possible rate of 1% because I truly think it's all bullshit and won't be told otherwise.
  14. You bitches can't even spell 401k!
  15. Sounds like she should have spent less money on avocado toast to have built up an alternative savings account to account for the innate risk of the market!
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  16. We’re 5% into this crisis. Tracking his approval numbers day by day is like tracking the stock market day by day dddddd.
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  17. I’d believe it nn. I think I have one but I don’t even know where it is or how to roll it over or whether/what my employer was matching (when I had “real” jobs).
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  18. Yeah his approval all really depends on if the virus hits trump country and also if people actually stop denying the death tolls.

    ddddd this is all so fucked

  19. Howard Dean should be ashamed.
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