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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Democrats are smart when voting for who they think can beat a Republican instead of whose policy excites them.

    Which is why this strategy helped John Kerry beat George W. Bush in 2004.
  2. Nominees who ended up winning the general still won their primaries, but Bill Clinton and Obama already had an advantage because Republicans already had executive power for multiple terms, and such power tends to be cyclical. If Sanders is exciting the majority of voters, why is he losing by such a wide margin and with increased turnout?

    Candidates like Kerry and HRC losing isn't all that surprising, going by political cycles and the political attacks both endured, but both still did well in terms of votes, and they were both who voters wanted in the primary by a wide margin. Trump getting re-elected or losing really wouldn't surprise me either way. I'm not convinced Sanders would win though at all. He'd basically just be ceding Florida to Trump, and it's doubtful he'd fare as well in places like PA, OH, VA, and NC.
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  3. Cuomo's really gonna run for president in 2024 huh
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  4. Imagine caping for this guy at this time in history because you, what, read the word realpolitik in a newspaper once in university?

  5. He's not even a good politician, christ almighty. A simple, but effective (I guess?) answer would've been that M4A will not make more hospital beds materialize and will not create more medical supplies. Any interviewer worth a shit would follow up with 'but what about people who can't afford treatment' etc and he could've easily answered that the stimulus and private insurance companies are covering the full cost of testing and treatment blah blah blah. Instead he went into a completely nonsensical answer. Lovely.
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  6. Seeing some people on left twitter fume at this and it’s dumb. She’s not Warrening— she still holds the same policy positions she always did. The “break from Bernie” parts of the article are just highlighting that she has a different personality/temperament than him, which...duh! I hope no one falls for a Neera Tanden-planted story that was written with the obvious intent to sow leftist discord.
  7. This would have been a shit answer too. :)
  8. Well yes, but it would've been a way for him to skirt around a question that he obviously holds the wrong position on instead of rambling about vaccines and airlifting people out of countries around the world
  9. People are apprehensive because of Warren and people take some issue with the way Alexandria went about some of her interactions with the Sanders campaign.

    Her firing Saikat because he criticized Pelosi and for wearing a shirt with Subhas Chandra Bose on it makes people worried she's easily swayed by liberal faux-outrage, with this coming back up with her worrying how the Sanders campaign flaunting the Joe Rogan endorsement could have her hurt progressive brand.

    I don't think anyone is questioning Alexandria's views, but warning about the allure to give into establishment norms once you're in the halls of the establishment because they don't actually want a progressive to succeed despite constantly offering a seat at the table for cooperative assistance; see: Warren's continued monumental failures in trying to implement any progressive policy.

    I think the story is a plant but not to harm AOC - it's trying to see how much of a positive reaction they could get from making her a foil to Bernie, maybe even in some hope of convincing her to stray further away. The goal is to kneecap Bernie's progressive movement into submission. It's why it's not just CAP ghouls interviewed - half the sources are Warren Liberals going "AOC is great for wanting to build coalitions!".

    Liberals are rushing to go "I'D RATHER BE AN AOC PROGRESSIVE THAN A CENK PROGRESSIVE!"... ignoring that Cenk is why AOC is in the House to begin with. He was her main financier for most of her initial campaign. I think people need to reassure her that she was on the right path before and show her support, but firing Saikat and others and replacing them with Kamala/Beto staffers is a bit.... depressing.

  10. This is not a spoof
  11. Why the hell are they so passive aggressive with each other? This is like the fourth incident in recent memory.
  12. The way Briahna gets the soulless liberals fuming:

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  13. The way they pulled 'Briahna is trolling Kamala over her mom dying of cancer!' out of nowhere?
    What the fuck is wrong with these people?
  14. Always attacking progressives/punching left is all they know.
  15. If this primary or this pandemic or the past... 30 years of politics in general has taught us anything at all, it's that moderate Democrats are diet Republicans, and (when pressed) most whites regardless of party will show themselves to be more concerned with maintaining their privilege than endorsing meaningful social change that will substantially improve the lives of "Americans"

    insert MLK birmingham jail quote here

    Everything that has happened politically in 2020 has been evidence of the gross misconduct of the political establishment (sorry), and the current lack of coverage on accusations against Biden is ... really fucking pathetic but not unexpected because the corporate media (sorry [2]) is frankly inept. I consume enough to know.

    As an OG Charmed stan, I've been a staunch Alyssa Milano hater since she, a #MeToo advocate and Kavanaugh opposer, defended Biden from allegations when his ~touching~ came into question. Besides, she was always the least talented of the four main actresses despite their own problematic tendencies!!
  16. nn not Diamond and Silk
  17. I was coming to terms with voting for Biden and pressuring him from the left while he’s in office but if centrists are going to respond with bad faith attacks against progressive policy every time they are mildly criticized, it’s REALLY not worth my time to vote for them.
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