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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Ensign Ro has been dealing with Cardassians for years. She knows.

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  2. Can someone explain this to me
  3. Yvette Nicole Brown - actress and Warren -> Biden supporter - is mocking the black women part of Bernie's campaign by comparing them to two well-known black female Trump supporters and so Briahna took the high road and made a joke complimenting Community in response.
  4. Not AOC liking this. We stan.

    Also @Someboy did you really just clean the thread of Mumps' trolling? Considering you lock the thread and post about civility with anyone else... ddd.
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  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Hey @Lost Boy, I did delete several of the user’s most recent posts, because I thought they distracted from the conversation and purpose of the thread. Also, the user will no longer be posting here. I don’t mind, but please look a little closer before you call me out.

    As for civility, I thought I’ve made it pretty clear that all I’ve asked for is the same amount of respect that users give one another in any thread - whether it’s Rihanna’s General Discussion, Animal Crossings, or another - is given here.
  6. Well I mean it's hard to do that if you dont actually say what you've done, especially considering the way you threw down before when it was on the other side. I dont think I am asking for much by asking you to be a little less opaque.
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  7. Not to pile on but I've also had posts randomly deleted from this thread with no explanation. The attempt to moderate is appreciated but communication is essential!
  8. Me too, but I had it coming

    pop six squish uh uh cicero lipschitz
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  9. Liberals are just... stupid. There's really no other way around it for them to simply be unable to grasp that "bend the knee" politics don't work when it's affluent suburban liberals telling poor people who want healthcare to bend the knee, and trying to go all gang-handed on Bernie/the left will just further the alienation that this Obama-intervened primary has already an abundance of.

    There's going to be a lot of liberals, even some in here, who won't be able to handle the fact come November that a significant portion of the Democratic party and voting electorate have been demoralized and disillusioned by being told by a party apparatus that an alleged rapist is more virtuous and worthy of leading the Democratic party than their vision for an America where everyone has healthcare.
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  10. But remember that automatically means you are endorsing and enabling Trump because that's how it works!!!!!!
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  11. The way his campaign is handling this pandemic is basically ensuring that Trump wins in November. It feels like absolutely no one has any confidence in him.

    I also don’t think the economy tanking is gonna be enough to get Trump out of office if this is what his competition is gonna be. What a disaster.
  12. Just once I'd wish the DNC would get it together. Rats.
  13. I think Biden is a mess as well, but what exactly would you propose he do right now? I'm not sure how a candidate should be operating in the midst of a pandemic. That's not a rhetorical question, I genuinely don't know.

  14. Democrats are beyond parody. I can’t. The pandemic is a perfect opportunity for the entire party to get onboard with Medicare for All (which would also give Bernie a good reason to drop tbh) but instead we get shit like this.
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  15. Literally the exact opposite of this:


  16. Jesus Christ. Why did it have to be him?
  17. [​IMG]

    This is something, at least. Republicans still found with negative brain cells
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  18. I mean, there's plenty one could theoretically do. Just look at B****e, who has suspended campaign fundraising to raise millions of dollars for charities, held virtual town halls (before this crisis even began), fought the Senate for increased protection for independent and gig workers, and highlighted why universal healthcare is necessary and wealth inequality needs to be addressed. And that's just what I've been able to keep up with while avoiding the news.

  19. Gotta love Democrats charging almost triple what someone on the federal minimum wage would make in a month to get access to the future nominee's "chats". How tone-deaf, anti-poor and tactless.
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