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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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    I'd take her as a VP though. I'm desperate at this point.

  2. - Bernie somewhere in the middle of Vermont.

    You can take the girl out of Oklahoma but can't take the lifelong Reaganite out the girl, etc.

    It's wild how quickly people will reveal they have no moral center in the ascension for power. She's an idiot who's spent her entire political career chasing power yet will never have it. She got openly mocked in Clinton staffer emails in 2016 and will be the butt of jokes in the Team Biden slack channel. Sad!
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  3. The replies from Democrats under this...

    Highlighting the Rogan endorsement was never actually about Joe Rogan - it was about a huge portion of independent voters like him who are driven by, more than anything, a fear of capital-G government and that much of their views can be interlinked back to this fear of government as a seedy entity that sees humans as expendable capital.

    That this is a highly necessary group in the general despite the fact that their presence literally can't be felt in a *Democratic* primary.

    That Bernie's career as an independent made him uniquely appealing to these voters who see party allegiance as a sign of corruption despite it being a sign of morality in a primary.

    That these are the voters that cries about "the establishment" would turn out in November.

    That nominating someone with as much soft corruption as Trump and who is two Youtube recommended videos away from a conspiracy about him being a child abuser is the exact kind of partisan hack who turns off this brand of independents from Democrats.

    Sure, one could argue Dems don't need independents, who tend to be working class white men, but if they don't need independents AND also don't need non-voters who are disproportionately working class and non-white, how exactly do you become a successful political party?
  4. "He doesn't seem to be aging at all or be in any sort of decline"

  5. Girl no shade but are we going to pretend Bernie doesn’t speak the exact same way of Biden? It’d be one thing if Bernie were actually tough on Biden during this primary, but every time he’s given an opportunity to criticize Biden he basically repeats what Warren said in that interview.
  6. Bernie Sanders is running in a primary, Liz Warren isn't. Warren has no constraints on her and hasn't since she dropped out. This would not be anyone's reaction if Bernie Sanders dropped out and in a race between a failing Warren and Biden, took time to point out how wonderful Biden is after ranging from complete silence to public disapproval on Warren's theory of political change.

    As well, it's also not a complete contradiction of Bernie's behavior as it is with Liz.

    Bernie has never tried to take down people - his anger has always be driven towards institutions. He's a pacifist to a fault. Even with Clinton, he asked people stop bringing her up personal corruption like her emails and focus on why her policies weren't as materially good.

    Warren's entire lifestyle brand is the idea of her as a firebrand able to take down people to their face. Half of her supporters in here nutted over her takedowns of Bloomberg. So why this kind of fire and contempt for Bloomberg as a person, Buttigieg as a person, or even Bernie as a person? But silence for Joe now? When she's been vocal about Joe as a person before?

    No one's mad at Warren for speaking nicely of Joe. People are laughing at the complete lack of moral consistency that makes up who she is as a person. Joe's a wonderful guy now (but the literal reason for why she entered politics a decade ago?) but her "dear friend Bernie" had to be publicly derided as a do-nothing loser who shouts and secretly hates women?
  7. Bernie is not running in a primary. He lost. The race is over. Biden is the nominee. Warren is not going to go on the radio and drag the nominee of her party when asked to comment on him. Neither would Bernie - he is just as much of a “team player” for the Democrats as Warren is.

    I truly do not understand what this protracted exasperation over Warren is meant to achieve? To expose her alleged abandonment of her values? Her actions in the senate in the past weeks are evidence to the contrary. I’m extremely disappointed Bernie is no longer a viable candidate, but the progressive movement he built won’t go any further if we decide that Warren of all people is an enemy.
  8. IMAGINE thinking the Obama administration handled the 2008 crisis "well" dddd.
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  9. Democratic politician in supporting the inevitable Democratic nominee shocker.
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  10. And we have to recognize how Warren played a significant role in helping Biden to win.

    "Her actions in the senate" - she's achieved nothing in the Senate in the face of this pandemic. She grandstanded, proposing 8 pillars of what she demanded the stimulus included. She got 0 - zero - of them added and allowed Schumer to use her as cover for the package.

    I'm not sure what's confusing. Bernie's pacifist behavior is just as much an issue as the complete lack of Liz's moral center, but Bernie being a pacifist doesn't erase Liz's actions.

    Trying to conflate these two behaviors as the same to shield Liz is silly. Bernie being naive and weak is bad, but a completely different lesson to learn from than the lesson needed from allowing careerists like Liz to ever take up space in progressive politics.

    Yes, Bernie's pacifism should be a lesson for leftists. Sometimes you must crawl in the mud to stop liberals. You can wish politics to be about policy as much as possible, but that won't stop liberals from turning around and telling live TV that you were responsible for a white supremacist massacre at a black church to smear you as a person just because you wanna discuss the issues.

    That - again - doesn't change that Liz is not part of Bernie's movement by her own admission. Warren literally admitted she does not think movement politics work. She does not think Bernie's movement achieved anything. She is *opposed* to Bernie's movement. Journalists in her inner circle like Ryan Grim even admit Warren has had nothing but contempt in private for Bernie's grassroots style of movement politics. She thinks Bernie's movement is just "shouting".

    Warren didn't even attack Biden's policy throughout the primary because she wanted a place for herself in Biden's inevitable administration. She didn't bother to carve a spot out for herself in a Bernie administration because she didn't think one was possible nor did she want one.

    Leftists must realize Warren is the enemy for any kind of semblance of a progressive movement to remain intact and not be appropriated into a silly #VoteBlueNoMatterWho campaign. The constant covering for someone as politically disappointing as Liz Warren needs to end.
  11. Why did Warren dedicate more time to criticizing Bernie Sanders' personality and his theory of political change than Joe Biden's policies during the primary?

    This gaslighting is silly. We spent the last 18 months seeing Warren punch down at and openly mock movement politics. It's not "prolonged exasperation" to constantly reiterate the left does not fuck with her after that. There's not going to be reconciliation. There's not going to be any kind of kiss and make up. Why would progressives reconcile with people who worked to stomp them out?

    And that applies to Biden and any other crook too. I think Bernie himself will look like a fool and embarrass himself if he is naive enough to campaign for Joe after this.
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  12. Nn I truly believe both Bernie and Warren thought Biden was dead in the water.
  13. This is so fucked and what everyone was afraid of in terms of the Supreme Court.

  14. The way Alyssa Milano is getting dragged on Twitter left and right

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  15. Gotta love Democrats deciding to combat a corrupt rapist with a corrupt rapist of their own. It's not like an entire schism of American politics is rooted around the idea of establishment politics being driven by hypocritical elites on both sides. This will *really* get the independents out there and voting blue!
  16. That interview...yikes. She really said due process like that wasn't the argument everyone used in favor of Kavanaugh. Like, hold your nose and vote for Joe or whatever despite the moral dubiousness, but don't publicly endorse him and then use right-wing talking points to justify it.
  17. This so is fucked but not surprising, lets hope they the GOP do not get to replace anymore Justices.
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