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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  2. Wow, 2016 walked so 2020 could fly, ain’t it?
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  3. I literally just voted for him yesterday. I....I hate the Democratic Party.
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  4. So whens Liz gonna take culpability for contributing to the floppage
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  5. Disappointed in Bernie. Ilhan & Rashida amongst others were urging him to stay in knowing how important his candidacy is for poor people. I imagine Biden refusing to stop encouraging in-person voting and endangering voters' lives weighed heavy on him. It hurts because he was uniquely dedicated to movement politics and changing the culture of how poverty is viewed. I don't imagine we'll get another progressive like him for a long time. I wish he had more fight in him but can understand why he may think things look hopeless.

    I can't believe in November that Democrats are gonna have to reconcile with the fact that picking between two corrupt rapists is not a choice that'll inspire many to get out of bed.
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  6. I'm crushed once again.
    And people have been so brainwashed by this nonsense i'm ALREADY seeing posts blaming Bernie supporters for Hillary's loss and saying that it better not happen again. It actually saddens me to think about how poorly he is treated...

    I'm at least thankful he ran again. His ideas and proposals are so needed, I'm glad he was able to get up there and share them and get the conversation around them going. I just hate to think about how it's too late for so many people... How many people will die without health insurance, be crushed by student debt, how destroyed will our environment get before the manipulation by the news media and the health care corporations and the fuel and oil corporations be set aside?

    People will blame Bernie supporters for not voting for Biden, but I blame those corporations for democrats not voting for Bernie.
  7. I need Biden to announce his VP and Supreme Court shortlist ASAP so I can rally around them instead of him.
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  8. RIP King! Good luck, the entire world.
  9. It sucks but it was the right thing to do. If states aren't going to postpone their elections; and Joe and Bernie can't debate each other then the risks of staying in the race outweigh the benefits.

    I'm gonna try to look on the bright side and say that this will give Biden 7 months to campaign towards the general election so hopefully we can avoid ignoring crucial states

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  10. The "We need to rally behind Biden, guys" people really need to like... Shove off.
    Knowing full well that when Bernie was leading the pack they were kicking and screaming.
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  11. It's basically this -

    These people wanted a Biden candidacy due to his appeal to moderate Republicans. So..... go get those people. Hit the phones. Get on the texting tool. These people wanted a Democratic Party shaped to be inviting to moderate suburbanites and people like David Frum, so go get David Frum on the dialler. Good luck and god speed.
  12. I saw this post shared on facebook and I feel like I will be needing to link it to people over the next few months quite a bit.

  13. A lot of people are already setting the stage to blame Bernie in the event of a Biden loss and it’s just so tiring. Y’all said this man was the more pragmatic choice and now it’s time to prove it.

  14. When he’s right he’s right skkdndnf
  15. I...

    We’re living in hell.
  16. When he's not tho because Warren's voters were split between about 50-50 Biden-Bernie, and Bernie's strategy from the outset has been 'get in the 30s % and hope the moderate vote is split 5 different ways'.

    Do I prefer Bernie to Biden? Absolutely, and they both probably have an even chance of beating Trump (read: not very), but I'll begrudgingly vote for Biden so my childrens' future isn't destroyed by the Supreme Court, but not very enthusiastic about it.
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  17. Damn wait till this guy finds out about most politicians
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