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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. This. They actively and explicitly said our votes don't matter. Good luck!
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  2. I dont understand why you're coming for someone's personal reluctance to support someone against another's personal word...?
  3. I think they're making a joke about the sad state of American politics that rapists are disproportionally represented amongst the political class.

    When Trump ends up tweeting about how Dems are the party of Epstein and Weinstein to bash Hair Sniffing Joe... we're all doomed.
  4. I’m not, Biden’s abuse allegations are one of a plethora of reasons to not support him, up there with his incompetence and the fact that his liquid brains leak out of his ear canal when he tries to from a sentence, I just find this particular brand of Twitter virtue signalling a bit naive and redundant at this point. Also at large politicians are nefarious and shouldn’t be trusted.
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  5. I did have to scream at Bossip (I know) running a derisive article about the suspension calling Bernie a "boomer" when
    The worms
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  6. The Biden campaign need to bring Bernie into his team now, they need some strong characters around him who can do the talking until he is forced. They need to start playing the republican handbook against them, don’t do public debates with Trump, let the Corona deaths do the talking and find and amplify everywhere he is failing the U.S population.

    Bernie has sacrificed himself in the hope that everyone can get around one candidate to dethrone Trump, I hope Biden, his team and democrats don’t shit this opportunity up the wall.
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  7. Bernie Sanders supporters do not - and I can't stress this enough - owe Democrats a damn thing.
  8. But they need to wake up and smell the coffee, if they think abstaining or voting for anyone else bar the dems, literally fuck your and your ‘morals’.

    Biden may be an awful person/candidate but 4 more years of the GOP will complete the transition to banana republic, they have already neutralised the house, proven the White House has pretty much unbridled control and 4 more years will mean they complete the takeover over the judiciary.
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  9. I'm not voting for a rapist.

    You can process that by accepting it as reality and seeking out moderate Republicans who would like to vote for a rapist or get mad at it. Neither choice will change how I or many others feel.

    Over 100,000,000 eligible Americans do not vote every election cycle. I'm sure there are enough Never Trump Republicans if you look hard enough.
  10. Sis we already are a banana republic.
  11. Flipping the Senate and keeping the House would also be good outcomes in November.
  12. [​IMG]


  13. "</3" etc.
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  14. Where was this massive surge in turnout that Bernie promised to mobilize though?

    I'm not trying to dunk on Bernie. I know there's plenty of communities that were inspired by his movement but many of them did not turn up at the ballot box. I know he's uplifted working class voices. All of this is worthy of praise.

    But the argument has previously been some people are just so disenfranchised and betrayed that even Bernie couldn't turn them out. Stacey Abrams has managed to activate 100,000s of voters across race and socioeconomic status. She did exactly what Bernie was trying to do in the primary, and she essentially won by doing that (Kemp's voter suppression literally cost her the election)

    I'm legit not trying to be inflammatory, but it just seems like a convenient excuse to blame Bernie's inability to turn out these voters solely on disenfranchisement when there have been other candidates who've succeeded in bring these types of voters into the fold.

    I'm not happy about it, but I can understand why there's been an effort to court suburban voters in the ever-present debate of wooing swing voters vs non-voters when "swing" suburban voters -- especially suburban women -- were largely responsible for handing Democrats the House in 2018
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  15. You're on this pink website quoting me - someone who will never vote for a credibly accused rapist like Joe Biden no matter what - when you could be making calls to suburban Republican women who don't like Trump's tone or that COVID-19 hurt their 401ks.


    I'm not interested in discussing the primary anymore or why disillusioned independents didn't rush to participate in a corrupt boutique political party's performative elections, especially not with those who were actively hostile to the sole progressive. I spent the last 18 months pleading for anyone who would listen to see the humanity of poor people. It didn't work. People chose a different path. So...go. Walk the path Dems chose. Go get those voters yall said Joe Biden can get. I am but a mere spectator and commentator now cause Dems said yall did not need me. I am not a moderate Republican in a middle class suburb. My vote was not courted in my own primary and will not be given in the general.

    To reiterate my point - turnout for general elections is usually 53%-55%. That 45% of Americans includes over 100,000,000 eligible voters. You can try to find the moderate Republicans amongst them who people said Joe was uniquely poised to make engaged. Go get them.
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  16. As am I given that...you know...I’m a noncitizen who can’t vote, volunteer or canvas for campaigns without violating campaign laws or my student visa yet still gets affected by who’s governing.

    Also never said that Joe could get those voters but go off sis.
    Because you’re still discussing the primary and I asked you a pretty innocuous question before you got passive aggressive AF. Literally even prefaced my question that I wasn’t trying to be inflammatory but I was asking why Stacey succeeded where Bernie couldn’t, especially since you‘ve made it clear that all of these candidates should be working to re-enfranchise voters — something I agree with.
    Today I Learned: Supporting but still being willing to critique Bernie = actively hostile to him.

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  17. You can still converse with people. I'm simply letting you know that I'm the wrong audience to try and build soft apologia for Biden around. It's just not happening.

    And again, you replied to my post about the general with a post about the primary that, no matter if you preface it, is still inflammatory because it has nothing to do with my post nor is what you're saying particularly true or accurate.

    Bernie Sanders did bring lots of typical non-voters into the process. He won the first three contests amongst a crowded field, with a blowout in Nevada off of the solidarity of low-income workers of color. People can scream "30%!!!" over and over, but Joe Biden's continued frontrunner status was predicated on - wait for it - largely holding 30% of the primary in polling.

    I don't think Stacey Abrams has done anything successfully besides give cover to a aerial sexual harasser because he is willing to give people money. Where is the success for Dems at all? Winning the House on a suburban wave that means never passing progressive policy? Trying to win the presidency with a cadaver whose political imagination for the Supreme Court is another center-right liberal? Taking back the Senate thanks to people like Kyrsten Sinema who votes so far right that her state party had to censure her?

    You ask why independents aren't rushing to join the Democratic Party for Bernie in the same breath about neoliberals being able to get Never Trump Republicans to come on board. I have a sneaky suspicion these things are possibly inherently connected with one having a depressing affect on the other. Something tells me that the party's machine actively courting conservative Republicans has also been working to keep the kind of people Bernie appeals to out.

    This is one of those instances where those who just really feel they need to explain why they think Bernie failed in their eager post-mortems as some kind of attempt to place fault on Bernie's shoulders don't realize you're further disenfranchising and disillusioning progressives. An eagerness to examine why Bernie "failed" just reiterates to his supporters how the party apparatus actively sabotaged him and really makes the case that a vote for Joe Biden in the general just becomes more and more morally reprehensible.
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  18. I'm gonna have to vote Biden because my best friend is a DACA recipient and I can't see him go to Jamaica. He has lived the majority of his life here and I just can't see it happen. I voted Bernie in the primary and was crushed to hear yesterday's news but my friend is too important to me.
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