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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. The fanboys at Mashable have really lost their marbles
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  2. Insanity. Every peaceful demonstration in this city is getting blown to hell.

  3. Police forces across the country in the last 72 hours spread a lie and propaganda about "outside agitators" to prop up some myth about ~antifa~ and Democratic politicians propped up by centrists repeated that lie far and wide until they were fact-checked and proven wrong, which was still done in vain cause such centrists eager only in punching left inadvertently boosted the president to make the case for anti-fascism being deemed a terrorist organization.

    There is a mass weaponization of fake news happening to harm the public, but anyone with two eyes can tell the ones doing it are not some shadowy imaginary figures from Russia created in the imaginations of affluent suburbanite libs in need of entertainment:
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  4. That's attempted murder. Let me bite my tongue before I say something that gets the F*I on my ass.
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  5. hmmmmmmmmmmm
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  6. That Twitter account isn’t actually Anonymous.

    My heart is so heavy with everything going on.
  7. Again with the strawman arguments...

    This dumpster fire is the complete fault of American ruling class.

    But Anyone with two eyes can see their are people dousing this fire from all sides. You’re not naive enough to think fake news flows one way right? I wonder how many fake/doctored videos are going around making the protesters looking like they committed worse crimes than they did or vice versus the police (though not like that’s needed).

    Directly they’re may be no outside agitators but there is definitely agitators trying to amplify the anger, via through funnelling money or social media, a destabilised America is the biggest win Russia can get.

    My point is which you’re seeming to purposely miss is, there’s and irony that the ruling classes can blame outside agitators all they want, when it’s the ruling class that fulled that dump and set the match, and by blaming everyone else shows they don’t get why it’s burning.
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  8. This is sending me.

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  9. I'm sorry, but this is just conspiracy nonsense. You might as well be screaming about how George Soros is funding protestors to destroy America. The issue with your entire premise is that there is just.. no evidence. You have no evidence. There's no basis to anything you're saying. Russiagate was a bust. All indictments made about Russian troll farms were dismissed. All you have to keep this conspiracy going is ₽2,000 in Facebook ad buys for Buff Bernie and Hillary Clinton is Satan ads, to which the impact on the 2016 election was literally negligible.

    Like stop talking about Russia. Stop talking about this foreign boogeyman. Democrats had 4 years to provide some kind of evidence and failed in every metric imaginable to show any kind of collusion and actual evidence. Instead your beacons of truth are people like Louise Mensch. Anyone still peddling Russigate nonsense should be a social pariah at this point.

    By even giving any kind of weight to such nonsense conspiracies, you're enabling the conspiracy to achieve its goal - left-punching. Centrists aren't screaming about Russia to take "the ruling class" to task. They're doing it to disenfranchise the American left *because* the American left is an enemy to the ruling class and its two corporate political parties.

    Like I'm sorry but I just can't comprehend the sheer fucking privilege it takes to still be talking about cloak and dagger West Wing nonsense like "RUSSIA!!!!" when Americans are dying en masse to a pandemic because the capitalist class still hangs access to care over our heads and, let alone, said pandemic is still not enough to make our public servants address how America exists as a carceral state where black bodies are the main targets for state-endorsed violence. "Russia wins if we let them de-stabilize America!!!!". Girl, the fucking structures that America the empire was built on are inherently unstable since creation. What the fuck.
  10. Who said anything about left or right, they’re playing both sides. Maybe you need to pick up any political history book and try some critical thinking?

    Your last paragraph is literally what I said. I was commenting on the irony that current structures within the U.S have done for more damage - outside of war - to the U.S than Russia/China/Iran or any perceived enemy of the U.S ever could.
  11. Friendly reminder to not fall under his deception

    Him and Trump both deserve to burn in hell.
  12. [​IMG]

    Anyway, anyone still emotionally invested in Russiagate should be made a social pariah until repeating conspiracy theories about Russian bots finally becomes taboo. Horseshoe theory is just a strawman meant to distract from that both political parties in the US serve the corporate class.

    The Democratic nominee is about to be one of the main architects of the modern criminal justice system and its tough-on-crime structure and his VP will come from a line-up of politicians conveniently from marginalized identities to try and act as a concession to voters despite all of his potential picks themselves having horrid pasts where they contributed to the subjugation of the very identity groups they themselves are apart of. Think there's bigger problems impacting Democrats than if @PutinsBaby4545's tweets get 5 likes!
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  13. It horrifies me that the president can get on twitter and declare Ant*fa a terrorist org. It's not even an org. Are they just going to lock up anyone that is against facism?
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  14. Although when has “not allowed to do something” ever stopped him
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  15. They turned off the lights of the White House, as if they can just pretend that no one's home?
    I would really hate to anyone killed getting past that fence, The secret service does not f*ck around.
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  16. There's been gunshots in my neighborhood for the past hour. It's really scary. I'm safe and I'm home, but my heart just aches for all the people who don't have shelter tonight.
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  17. The now confirmed reports of gasoline/bricks/rags and unmarked cars full of explosive material strategically placed in my residential neighborhood in minneapolis and around st. paul has pushed me over the edge and I am completely shaken at this point.

    I'm so fucking tired this week.
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  18. So now we either have to rely on Biden or on Trump to get us out of this mess? LMFAO why are we so fucked.

    *has full mental breakdown*
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