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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. What the hell was that photo op, he was just standing there holding a bible
  2. Seriously?
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  3. Fascist white nationalism 101
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  4. Received this lovely email via work today about how “Riots are scheduled” and thus we had to leave a bit early, before 5.

    “Riots are scheduled”

    If by riots they mean a rally/protest then sure. The protest isn’t even until 8.

    This is ridiculous.
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  5. Wonder if the gun toting Americans storming the chambers The other week, will be heading to the streets now there is an actual tyrannical government?
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  6. Y'all speaking French now?? dddd.


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  7. I know I'm probably being emotional right now and I know CNN is largely trash, but they just had their OG anchor Bernard Shaw on for five minutes and he just spoke so magnificently about this moment and gave me a glimmer of hope.
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  8. My friend was just at peaceful protests in downtown philly and they deployed a fucking tank on them that shot tear gas at the crowd. They had helicopters dropping canisters of pepper spray / tear gas on the crowd and sirens / fake explosions to confuse everyone.

    They trapped other peaceful protesters on the main highway in the city and gassed them even though they couldn’t escape.

    This is literal war against citizens.

    The National Guard is in control of Philadelphia right now.
  9. OK, maybe not that specifically, but with all the available evidence pointing to Trump being beholden to Putin and doing his bidding - in the context of our thread where people are saying they’re horrified, speechless, etc. by what is happening, yes, I do find it a bit curious that he had time to talk with Vlad today and now he has suddenly emerged from the bunker, hollering at governors and having an ego-stroking “I’m in charge here!!!” press conference. So now the American people are going to (formally) be at opposition with their own military, and even more discontent and violence will be sown, and Vlad gets an even more destabilized USA without even having to leave his dacha. And yes, I took my tinfoil hat off long enough to type this without getting zapped.
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  10. The fact that he’s capitalizing on George Floyd’s murder, and America’s frustration, to incite a race war and run his reelection campaign of such a war is fucking disgusting.
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  11. Some of my fellow journalists are being supplied with gas masks so they can do their jobs. What dystopian martial law hell have we descended into? Considering his own supporters are scared of the term 'martial law' this certainly tanks his re-election optics, no?
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  12. Jay Nixon, D., was the Governor of Missouri during the 2014 Ferguson riots.
    Larry Hogan was hailed as a "moderate Republican who Dems could get behind" when he became the Governor of Maryland in 2015; a year later he would be arguing that further trials against police responsible for Freddie Gray's murder were a waste of time.
    Andrew Cuomo was the governor of deep-blue New York State when Eric Garner was murdered in 2014.
    Obama's White House didn't bring a single case of police brutality to the Department of Justice.
    Are we suggesting Putin was the reason for all of this too?

    Like I would even love to discuss why/how Trump is the way he is - the real reasons. Let's discuss why the right are screaming about "antifa" and be able to break that down and understand the mixture of anti-socialism/Western supremacy that fuels the kind of ideology that is really at the core of all the different sub-ideologies that make-up the modern global right. Let's discuss why Trump is the way he is - why he mentions antifa and how that ties into the belief system of his supporters he is signaling to.

    We can discuss what rightism is as an ideology and then notice who perpetuates it - even if those doing so are Democrats. Going off about Putin doesn't do anything but make the issues facing us simply singularized and supposedly just about the individual corruption of Donald Trump and apparently the inherent evil of all ethnically Russian people.
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  13. No, I don’t think Putin had anything to do with those other murders. And I don’t think I ever said that all ethnically Russian people were inherently evil?
    I hadn’t seen any posts about today’s phone call between the two, which we first found out about from the Kremlin. I thought the timing was side-eye worthy. Unfortunately, instead of posting that, I put something that got a response of “Seriously?” and I tried to explain myself. I had no plans on discussing anti-socialism or the modern global right.
  14. I just saw Brittany Packnett Cunningham on MSNBC and phew she made me feel even more angry about this.
  15. I think it's more 1) racism first and foremost, 2) Stephen Miller and other white nationalists in the administration actually doing the decision-making, and 3) Trump's narcissism worrying about this lasting too long and looking bad for him.

    This administration wants Black people either under their full control or dead. Period. It's classic Klan behavior just without the label. Anyone who still supports them is knowingly complicit.
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  16. That added to the fact that he is tracking to be the most unsuccessful incumbent ever in the polls. The man is scared shitless and thinks this will get him votes back.

    Next he will come for the election process.
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  17. They already are, no doubt they will try and twist the protests of evidence of why there shouldn’t be postal votes.
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  18. I wasn't suggesting you were - I was saying what the natural result of Russiagate is. By constantly framing the issue as Trump's personal allegiance to Putin, the discussion is inadvertently shifted away from how police shootings are spawned from societal issues at the core of America and framed instead as a result of that very singular allegiance.

    I mean:

    I think that's why @Mirwais Ahmadzaï made his comment, because there's a growing frustration towards this knee-jerk reaction to continually minimize the issues that have spawned Trump down to Russia, which is again inadvertently what happens when we give oxygen to conspiracies.

    Maybe Trump is acting how he is now because his political party has an allegiance to the capital class and thus they have to empower police who are the personal militias of the capital class; it's the very reason why Obama helped for years to militarize police as 'cooperation' with the GOP.

    And of course there are differences. Obama often tried to downplay and minimize issues to achieve Dems' goals of making their largely poor and marginalized base buy into the idea that what exploits them is good for them. Meanwhile, Trump can openly embolden police to be violent because Republicans can tell their base they'll get what they want (protection of their hoarded capital / a better life / racial supremacy) through the arms of the state being violent.

    Playing into fantastical or conspiratorial ideas for why things are the way they are (Illuminati / Pizzagate / Russigate) instead of material ideas for why we are where we are ultimately feels harmful.
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