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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Some of this is serving people trying to burn the campaign off of their resumes so they can still stay in the beltway (suggesting Bernie Sanders is somehow a senile old man unaware of how many volunteers he has...), but the tea on Faiz & Weaver being completely unable to meet the moment of when push came to shove against the Democratic establishment? Whew, we've been know.

    It also reiterates - despite some staffers saying otherwise - that the pragmatic, olive branch approach was easily the wrong way and why Sanders failed. It's not that they didn't think they needed older black voters - it's that they believed they couldn't win them over without doing things the campaign's core mantra was against. They actively tried to consolidate progressives to one candidate yet wouldn't do what it took to knock Warren out of the race as a spoiler (though I just as much hold this against affluent liberals weaponizing identity to protect their cherished health insurance plans).

    I actually float back and forth between my heart hurting for Bernie that legacy media and the political elite could gaslight him into thinking he's at fault for Trump, while then being annoyed at him for essentially basically becoming a Simps for Biden poster, but at least there'll always be someone who's forever a bigger disappointment to laugh at:
  2. Before you click on the link and watch the video -- trigger warning about police violence. This is hard to watch.

  3. I really hope Booker and Bowman can pull off some big wins tomorrow. Are there any other important progressive races to watch?

  4. Fuck CNN but watching his Comms director get his ass handed to him was amusing.
  5. Well I voted for the good sis Bernice today. And the most progressive House candidate on my district.

    Fingers crossed for Bowman tomorrow.
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  6. --

    Not to harbor on this but this is honestly ridiculous of her that I'm fuming.

    You can't posture for an entire primary how you're the uniquely woke progressive and the only one who TRULY understands the curvatures of racism in economic issue like environmental racism compared to those dirty socialists and then endorse the #1 fracker amongst your party for a state race where 1/5th of the state is Latinx.

    Warren: "All issues of our environment are also issues of racial justice because of environmental racism!"
    Warren: "Vote for the guy who loves fracking! I support him!!!"
    Elizabeth Warren openly endorses environmental racism and poisoning POC's water as good??
  7. The situation in Kentucky is unreal. I can't understand how we can have a government at the total mercy of that old turtle and we can't do anything about people being able to vote.
  8. The way Mitch is actively meddling in his own election....I’m going to be so sad if Booker loses.
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  9. I’m in KY at the moment and Beshear is spinning his wheels against a completely Republican controlled state. The way he’s been absolutely dragged for his fairly strong Corona stance and highliting of the black community’s lack of healthcare equality has been appalling.

    Booker has been getting the strongest push the last 7-10 days but it might be too little too late. But he was able to get some judicial help in re-opening the Jefferson county polling station.

    Also, to put it in perspective how hard/congested of an area it is, it’s smack in the middle of downtown and one of the two main arteries is closed and under construction. Add to it typical rush hour traffic, and people were stuck in their cars for HOURS trying to get near the location while the powers that be were trying to keep doors locked and turning them away.

    Also, don’t expect results for at least a week. Jefferson (Louisville) and Fayette (Lexington) counties are the two most populated and liberal in all of the state, and those election offices said they will not have absentee and mail-in ballots counted before the 30th.
  10. Bowman is leading in New York thankfully.
  11. Him coming out and saying he believes black Kentuckians need 100% health coverage was both surprising and great to hear, which made him walking it back once lit up online over it extremely disappointing, especially since I think he landed finally on.. more money on helping people navigate the ACA marketplace.. ddd?

    Just odd to hear someone completely outline how a group is subjected to completely desolate levels of healthcare yet then want to subject them to the tyrannical gatekeeping of for-profit, private healthcare and healthcare "marketplaces".
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  12. [​IMG]

    I want these tweets crystalized next to each other and then injected into my veins.

    Also, more neoliberal tears:

  13. Ok but the GAG if two Dem committee chairs get booted tonight
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  14. Okay but like...he supports M4A and he’s cute???
  15. Just heard from a friend who spent 4 hours waiting to vote in Kentucky, but that's one more vote for Booker.


  16. We won’t miss you xx

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