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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Djjdjdnsks this campaign is truly sad. They have absolutely no angle.
  2. Sis, I'm still not getting how you're not getting it.

    Your goals are not others' goals. Your goals are not inherently virtuous and those who do not work toward your goals are not inherently privileged because we know that the people who do not vote are not the ones who are privileged .That's really.. all there is. If you want Biden to win, good for you. If you're voting for him, good for you. No one has attacked you for that.

    You're obviously very frustrated at the idea of Trump winning, but that seems like frustrations you should direct at the politicians whose duty it is to convince people to vote for them to beat him as opposed to the people those politicians themselves have thrown away (and you have walked back the vote-shaming, to be fair!)

    Like, I'm frustrated too, but also against trying to punch down on people, especially when they are the ones who are similarly hurt. Even in my anger, I never scold non-voters in the primaries. My anger was literally at people openly boasting that their vote was made with the intention of protecting their wealth. I wanted to cry filling out my mail-in ballot for the NJ Dem Primary, knowing it'll be the last time in 4 years I'll cast any vote related to the presidency. But my gut tells me that I can't bring myself vote for anyone who openly mocks material suffering, especially material suffering so personal, and understand that so many others similarly can't bring themselves to vote for Biden for how he's treated them.

    You keep repeating this to urgency me, and I'm completely sympathetic, but no frustration or fear re: Trump will ever change that the burden to beat him falls on Biden - no one else.

    I mean:
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  3. I imagine Trump’s poll numbers might tank even further once the federal unemployment benefits expire at the end of next month and the country enters a new level of economic devastation. It’s really depressing that a depression turns out to be the only thing capable of getting him out of office and that we have to deal with a Nicole Wallace I mean Joe Biden presidency on the other side. Eject me from this hellscape!
  4. “It’s so crazy what’s happening. It’s a guy who doesn’t talk, nobody hears him,” Trump said of Biden. “Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together. I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak. And he is going to be president because some people don’t love me maybe because all I’m doing is doing my job.
    Awwww.... poor Trumpy! The amount of golfing you do begs to differ...

  5. nn nice to see people picking up on this. The black blue checks demanding a black woman VP actually just want Kamala but hide that desire behind pro-black woman rhetoric lmao.
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  6. You saying this with your current avi is making this extra funny
  7. The idea of adding two corporate beltway Dems to the Senate already seems nightmarish dddd.

    When we get the Senate majority and use it's full sweeping powers to give child-having adults who make between $50k-$75k and child-having couples who make between $75k-$125k a $1k tax credit on healthcare OOP costs on the ACA marketplace <3333
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  8. Nn here comes Senator Bowser.
  9. So I'm not entirely sure statehood would be legal? In the bill they would cut out the Capitol Building and a few other federal buildings and leave that as the "official" Capital, but that would still leave some residents in that jurisdiction. Back in the 70's, an amendment was passed allowing residents of the Capital to vote in presidential elections and gave them 3 electoral votes. That means that just a few hundred people would account for 3 electoral votes unless that amendment is repealed which....is very unlikely to happen. It just seems like a mess and we should be focusing on granting statehood to Puerto Rico since they are actually disenfranchised. (or liberating them....)
  10. So the predominantly black and brown voters in DC shouldn’t be entitled to representation in DC because upper middle class whites might send corporate Dems to the Senate? Never mind the fact that most of the wealthier people in DC commute from Silver Spring and Annapolis so they wouldn’t even get a vote.

    Nevermind that DC as a whole is fairly progressive. Anecdoctally, the majority of the signs I saw in the city for predominantly for Bernie with some Warren signs mainly in front of DC gays houses and the occasional Biden sign. The MPD is a disaster but I volunteer for a low income housing organization and DC has one of the stronger housing policies in the country.

    Maybe I’m overreacting but some of the implications of these posts are kinda gross, especially when activists of color were the ones who started the push for statehood. It’s something that all DC residents feel strongly about. At the end of the day, DC residents should be entitled to representation. Maybe trust the voters to pick who will represent them best?

    Also Bowser would become Governor, not Senator if DC were given statehood.
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  11. There is a constitutional argument advocating for DC statehood. Even someone in GWB’s administration (I forget who) admitted as such.

    All they would have to do is pass an additional bill awarding the DC electors to the popular vote winner or the actual winner. The constitution allows some flexibility for how electors are awarded.

    The main issue is uncertainty about whether SCOTUS who uphold statehood when the GOP inevitably challenges it in court.
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  12. I'm pro DC statehood but we need this same energy for Puerto Rico.
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  13. Honestly it only further points out how fucking stupid the electoral college is - but that’s an argument for another day. I guess my (weak) opposition to statehood is that I’m a bit hesitant about giving such a small place so much power in addition to already being the Capital of the country...but I also agree with your points. Like maybe if they incorporated some of Virginia / Maryland into the state it would balance things out a bit. I don’t know.
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  14. Of course. But Puerto Rico hasn’t had a fully legitimate referendum on statehood. The last time they voted the turnout was abysmal because of protests against the pro-statehood party and hardly enough to suggest serious mandate for it

    And I can only base this of an anecdote from a friend of mine from PR (who moved to Miami) but when I asked her she said she wasn’t fully sure they would vote in favor of statehood vs the current status or vs independence.

    PR absolutely deserves a legitimate vote as well, but until there’s a referendum with substantial enough turnout to reflect a true mandate the debate can’t really move further.

    EDIT: I'd add though that Dems, assuming a trifecta, should absolutely tell PR that they will honor the results of a referendum and ensure a proper referendum. The citizens there deserve it. They should be given a proper opportunity to decide their destinies and whatever their decisions is should be honored.
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  15. That was one idea floated around originally since the territory was originally taken from Maryland and Virginia. Honestly, until I educated myself on DC statehood after moving here, I thought that would be easiest as well.

    But having lived in Maryland and having lived in DC, neither of them want each other ddd.
    DC, as small as it is, has its own history and culture, and most of the residents don't want to be apart of VA or MD. And neither VA or MD really want to the territory either.

    At the end of the day, I think DC statehood is the right thing to do, as unpopular as it may be nationally.
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  16. As long as Puerto Rico would want to be a state, there's not been much proof though. DC should absolutely be a state since residents are gagging for it, that should be all that matters in the end but yanno McConnell's corpse is out here haunting everything.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Puerto Ricans do not want fucking statehood
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  18. [​IMG]

    Why are you actually literally a race reductionist?

    This is made like 10000x times worse by the fact that you're literally a white South African who has openly in the past criticized leftist political parties in South Africa as 'corrupt' yet want to posture over working class Americans criticizing the monied interests that dictate DC's elite corrupt political circle - something you've mysteriously forgotten to mention in your rundown of the demographics.

    If I was an ass, I'd find a way to sneak in a joke about land expropriation without compensation in here, but at this point, I'd rather you just stop disingenuously quoting my posts flat-out.

    And yes, Cory Booker and Bob Menendez of New Jersey are *fucking awful* senators and their corruption is literally tied to the kind of industry that thrives in New Jersey and them being tied to those industries' monied interests.
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  19. I apologize for jumping the gun with the Puerto Rico statehood comment. There are a lot of fundamental issues when it comes to how territories are treated & represented but I understand that may not be the best solution, especially when US control over these territories (and our entire existence) is based on colonialism. I was also under the impression that the idea was more popular than it actually is.

    Being a state doesn't fix the fact that this country was built on & operates on the suffering of marginalized people. So basically, get out the guillotines.
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