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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. I just revisited election night 2016 in this thread (starts on page 414) and it's probably one of the most heartbreaking things I've read on here. The way we were all aghast in horror and slowly lost hope as the night progressed. I mean...

    It's a Greatest Hits of Depression.
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  2. I ended up supporting Bernie in 2015/16! I lived in Austin during the election and did vote for Hillary just because my employer made it easy to vote early. I remember people feeling like Texas could actually go blue ddddd
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  3. What’s bubbling under the jobs report.

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  4. I was living in Texas at the time too and having to show up to class the next morning and face all of the Trump supporters who were celebrating....a fucking nightmare. To think that was the most depressed and hopeless I had ever felt and things have somehow only gotten worse from that point!
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  5. I have grown to dislike Hillary over the last few years, but election night was really one of the worst nights of my life. I remember waking up the next morning forgetting for a few seconds what had happened and then having a full blown crippling panic attack. And then I had to go to work where coworkers were literally celebrating all day. What a fucking nightmare that was. I will never be caught off guard like that again.
  6. I’ve never read the election night Popjustice thread and this quote was such an unexpected gut punch.
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  7. They tried to warn us
  8. I minced around pride 2016 in a Make Herstory ‘16 t-shirt and then on Election Day some guy gave me the finger for wearing a Stronger Together button.

    Embarrassed Marge Simpson
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  9. Y’all really exposing yourselves like this I can’t nn.

    *deletes photo of 9-year-old me and Hillary during her 2000 Senate run*
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  10. Dd all I can think of is that awful video of her on that college tour 2000 being asked if she supported gay marriage, saying no, being boo’d, and then smiling. She really is the worst.
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  11. jtm


    I can do one better: I once shook hands with Bill... ewww. (But to be fair he was standing next to Gavin Newsom who I was actually interested in saying hi to.)

  12. There is no Overton window. Both parties are just right-wing warmongers.
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  13. Thoughts and prayers. (You don’t have to say out loud what you’re praying for, though!)
  14. I'm very curious to see how this November is because it feels like any excitement for Joe is far less than the even forced and mustered up excitement for Hillary.
    Speaking of which... I don't think there has been any big Joe Biden news in like WEEKS. There's so much going on with the virus and the protesting... I haven't heard any word from him, or about him... I don't know if that's a good thing?
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  15. Honestly the less we hear from Joe, the better it is for his campaign (and us dd). And looking at the polls (with a gallon of salt) it’s seemingly been doing wonders for him so far. I agree there isn’t much excitement surrounding his campaign - but there is nowhere near the same fever pitch levels of distain that was directed towards Hillary’s campaign. He just hasn’t been vilified the same way in the public eye that Hillary was for the past three decades. I don’t think the general public has strong feelings towards him one way or another and it is definitely working to his advantage.
  16. Also the difference between running against someone who is (arguably a dumpster fire of) an incumbent candidate and everyone in the race trying to take over for someone hitting his term limit.
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I remember all you pro-Killary gals from 2016. Erase as you please, you'll never silence me!
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  18. DDDD NOT MADAM SPEAKER'S DRAGON. The way every weirdo Twtter asshole who said the most foul shit about Bernie always ends up being some sicko consultant/analyst/lawyer working for some evil ass industry ddd.

    I know this truth ruffles some feathers in here* but at this point we don't just need an income cap. People should also lose their right to vote once they hit a certain income. If you make six figures, the most righteous thing you can do at this point is remove yourself from participating in electoral politics.

    *- If you supported any candidate in the Democratic primary who refused to join Bernard Sanders as the sole candidate to call for making the right to vote universal, please do not engage with this post. Thank you!
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