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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. I remember waking up before I had to the next morning for school, and hearing my parents talking about it, and just being hit with crushing disappointment. I just lay in bed wishing I was dreaming until my mom came in to wake me up. I almost begged her to let me stay home because I knew the school was full of Trump supporters, but I also knew I had to go that day for some reason I can't remember now.
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  2. Having to go in at 5am and work with the station's Trump supporting morning show team after working from like 3p-1:30am on election night? Traumatic.

    Each of them was smug as hell and I showed up with the puffiest eyes ever from crying that night and checking my phone every 30 minutes. They've all individually said it was a mistake at some point over the last 3.5 years
  3. 3Xs


    It was raining in New York City that day. I remember riding the Path Train into work and it was literally silent, like a funeral everyone was invited to.

    One of the most surreal days of my life.
  4. I feel... seen.
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  5. I still relish voting for Hillary because my mother hates her more than anyone else in the world.

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  6. Supporting Hellary in the 2016 primary?
    Couldn’t be me X


    Even when our sexual tension boils over, we’ll always have the 2016 primary trenches @Sanctuary <3

  7. I was on my last year of being a conservative christian and a registered republican so I voted for marco rubio in the primary and Hillary in the general. Trump helped show me how truly fake the people in my church were and how crushing it was. I ended up leaving just to be myself but between Pulse and the election, I couldn't do it anymore. Just cruel people.

    2016-2017 was the most personal upheaval in my beliefs and ideals in my life and reckoning with the fact that I spent about ten years working towards my own suppression always kinda kills me but I do my damnedest to fight for others now. I can't change the past but I just try to work for a better future now.
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  8. To think foreign policy is the one avenue the president has almost unilateral control over and there was a once in a generation opportunity to gut the bloated military-industrial complex and finally push a pro-diplomacy path....

    You HATE to see it.

    In the interest of love and light after our last few...spicy encounters, I would like to thank you sincerely for opening my eyes to the importance of foreign policy. I was vastly uneducated on the topic and I don’t think I ever would’ve realized how consequential its effects are both domestically and internationally; and how both Democrats and Republicans have fed into and contributed to the bloated frankensteinian monstrosity that is the military-industrial complex.
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  9. @Sanctuary thoughts?
  10. I still have nightmares over @Blabby's prescience

  11. We were all so mean to her too Dddddd.
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  12. A while ago I read over the October/November 2016 posts and was like man y'all really drove someone off the forum because they said several times that Trump would win...ddd
  13. Nah she hung around for a while after Trump was elected and tried to be Nostradamus about other things like Kavanaugh etc. but she really just hit ha Sophomore slump.
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  14. 2016 was my first election and when I was peak Poli Sci major nn. I supported Bernie at first but then went all in on Hillary when it became obvious he wasn’t going to win. If I didn’t become a delinquent socialist radicalized by @Sanctuary, I probably would’ve been a #WarrenDemocrat this time around.

    I still have my 2016 DNC passes and “I’m With Her” signs buried in my closet. That was... a time.
  15. 2016 was the year I briefly moved to Texas from ... Pennsylvania.

    That was a waste of a vote.

    Also, kii at me posting in this thread that night about being tripped out on a sedative and not knowing what was going on.
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  16. Perhaps you were the wisest of them all.
  17. The way I was stanning Hillary like she was a pop star.

  18. Ddd I was a Generic Democrat in 2016 too. Not Comrade Trump helping to radicalize forum.popjustice.com! That’s praxis!
  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I don't need or want to look back at my posts, I know I got a lot very wrong in 2016.

    I was and still would be very excited at the prospect of a woman president, because I do think there's value in the power of identity and representation. However, where I've grown and reformed my thinking is in the acknowledgment that unless that representation is grounded in the policies of economic equality, its power is weakened if not altogether rendered useless.

    In the summer of 2015, when Jeb Bush and Hillary were the pseudo nominees, I thought it was farcical that these were the two people the party establishment had anointed, and a mockery of the American people. As time barreled on, I couldn't believe that Trump won a single primary state, then the nomination, and then the presidency. But, in my own mind, I failed to connect those two thoughts - that if the establishment were going to openly mock its own people by putting forth dynastic relics, it makes sense that the people would turn on the establishment and elect someone who spoke as a manifestation of their fear and anger. I couldn't get past Trump's open endorsement of sexist, racist, and xenophobic language and policies to see why being great again, and building things in this country again, are such powerful messages.

    Of course, Trump is a false prophet, but Hillary's campaign only had an answer to the sexism and racism - "Stronger Together" - she never grappled with being great again or the policies that would promote economic equality and a renewed working / middle class.

    I was reminded this morning of a couple posts I made months back in this thread about the bigger celebrity always winning, and the counterpoint was raised that Covid-19 is a bigger celebrity than Trump. At the time, I didn't buy that logic. I won't say I'd bet on it, but today, I'm open to the idea. Trump is nothing if not a master of self-preservation at the last moment, but he has encountered a problem that goes far beyond the force of his personality. In the past, he's been able to rebut any problem by pointing to the misleading statistics of the economy and wax poetically about the 'forgotten man' coming back. It's much harder to do so when a virus is ravaging the country indiscriminately, and you've shown you have no interest in a sustained, coordinated and managed response.

    That's not to say he won't be re-elected, but I can imagine a scenario where he loses.

    Still, does it worry anyone that I went through this entire exhaustive thought-process and didn't need to mention Biden?
  20. Biden is the "anything else" choice and I think most people just want anything else at this point.
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