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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. [disclaimer to those reading: I tried to shorten this and even then it's lengthy so if people venting at length about class is not your thing or of no interest to you, please don't engage. thank you <3]

    ddd sis, I know you supported Bernie in 2016, which is why your flirtations with CIA Pete and WARren were odd, and why I think your dedication to vote for Biden is even more puzzling.

    This isn't meant as berating, but the fact that Biden will easily win in November, yet some are still willing to throw their beliefs away to prop up people like him who hate them is... fascinating and a little pathetic. I don't mean that in a way that sounds awful. I don't think people are pathetic if they vote for Biden, but do think it's demonstrative of a pathetic level of confidence in progressivism.

    And I'm not boasting about being an ideologue. The point is to force people who claim to be progressive to reconcile with how what they're doing (voting for Biden) is anti-progressive. Because if you're allowed to appropriate the language of progressivism for actions that are materially anti-progressive, you can then claim to have achieved progressive goals without ever bringing about material change.

    I need people to grapple with the fact that voting for Biden causes immense material harm and recognize that they shouldn't vote for him if they're not ready to then do something about that harm they enabled - and no, filling the Senate with moderate Democrats who'll pass tax credits and slight ACA reforms is not 'doing something'. I just need people to be radically honest about the harm their vote causes.

    I get that's divisive, but that's the point. It's meant to make people uncomfortable. I don't expect people to be like 'wow thank you for telling me I'm harmful'. Any hesitation about disrupting people's comfort gets outweighed though by how uncomfortable I know being working class is. I re-read my last texts with my dad before he died of cancer in March, which include months of him depressed and unable to afford groceries or medicine and feeling awful about having to borrow money from one of his kids.

    And this isn't a woe-is-me appeal, sis. I'm trying to explain how ideology comes from material reality and that is why I can't vote for Biden or pretend voting for him is 'good'. I've been forced to come to terms with how my dad was poor and died poor and no dreams of getting my degree to make my parents' lives better worked. I have to reconcile with how my mom was born poor, is poor, and will likely die in the next few years still poor, and how putting myself in tens of thousands of dollars of debt just to get a piece of paper still failed to change that. To be poor is to reconcile with how the system of upward mobility forces you as a poor person to view your also-poor parents as burdens or miserably fail as you try to carry your loved ones on your back with you on your meek attempts out of the pit that is generational poverty.

    I don't want the only way I'll be able to ever financially take care of myself to come from a future where I no longer have parents who need me to help together make ends meet, and that's a trauma shared by millions. Wanting financial stability shouldn't need to come at the cost of losing the very reasons why you're glad to be alive to begin with. That's why I don't feel bad asking affluent liberals to reconcile with the fact that voting for Biden is not some inherently heroic act in whatever YA novel they think politics is in their mind - to not erase poor people, but to reconcile their politics with our realities.

    Not to go off on a tangent as I know you're just being playful but yeah ddd. All love, genuinely. ♡
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  2. Happy anniversary!
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  3. jtm


    I agree that representation would be great but I‘ve also come to the realization that the presidential race only matters for stacking courts, executive order fuckery, and generally not having someone in office who can do real harm. Real progressive change can‘t happen unless you have a majority and a change of mind on state level, in congress and in the senate. The more important races and the ones I‘m invested in are down-ballot. That’s where the progress will eventually come from. I‘m more excited for Paula Jean than anything else happening this year. If Biden makes it, that‘s better than Trump. Hopefully he‘ll be steered much more left. If not at least he‘ll do much less harm than what is going on at the moment. This is a crazily conservative country and in the end, small steps to the left might get more results long term.
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  4. The girls are fighting!

  5. I posted this in the COVID thread but it also fits here

    What are they doing?
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  6. I think it is too late to sign up to throw your hat in the ring at this point.... Like... How would he even get enough delegates? Uh...
    I guess he could run independent? But... That's... not going to be worth his time.
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  7. This always felt inevitable.
  8. Why is everything awful
  9. Something tells me the average Kanye To The user probably wasn't voting for the party who made a social outcast out of someone for being supported by Joe Rogan to begin with. So no worries, y'all!
  10. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    The Kanye discourse is exhausting. The cognitive dissonance of liberals on Twitter arguing that voting for him will let Trump win is insane. He’s not going to be on any ballot in the first place, but the idea that third parties were somehow responsible for Trump winning in 2016 in the first place is such a tired, uninformed trope at this point. I know no one wants to talk about Kanye and it is, quite literally, a waste of breath for me to even be typing this but god it’s even more annoying to see people give him the attention he wants by assigning any form of credibility to this.
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  11. It’s low-key crazy that a majority of the GOP’s female senators could be out of a job next year. The party of old white men stays losing.
  12. See when you do clownery, Susan... it's gonna come back and kick you hard in the ass

  13. Evil. Evil, evil, evil. Schools that were going to do the right thing and stay closed are going to reopen because of this, and it's going to kill people. And what countries want people who have been in the States coming into their borders right now?
  14. Given how fucked up funding for higher education is, a lot of colleges rely on tuition etc. from international students, especially public universities. I don’t know how cunning this administration actually is behind closed doors, but this is an incredibly effective way to force colleges to remain open in the fall. It’s a win-win for white nationalists.

    edit: ugh, my grad student group chat is blowing up about this. Like a third of the students in our program might have to leave the U.S., and it’s totally unclear what’s legal for students who have finished coursework and are just TAing and working on their dissertation at this point. A mess, like everything else with this administration.
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  15. Sorry for the double post, but this PPP stuff is a scandal as well. Their contempt for regular people is wild.

  16. We really have been getting daily scandals for 3 and a half years. I can't wait for this nightmare to be over.

  17. lmaooooo so much for pushing him left and holding his feet to the fire if *checks notes* leftists wanting a progression on the Obama-era standard of foreign policy are already deemed as a nuisance. All while neocons like Bill Kristol are literally working overtime to basically push the Biden campaign from Obama status-quo to a GWB-era kind of conservatism in the hope of squashing out the left for generations. Whew! Vote for Joe Biden to restore the soul of Abu Ghraib <333

    Edit - Not Neera Tanden in the replies trying to get the anonymous staffer interviewed outed for criticizing liberal Dems ddd. God.
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  18. I work at a public university that relies extra heavily on room and board from residential students and tuition from international students, so for months they've been pushing for students to come back to campus in fall (even in recent weeks). They've even touted models that are like "only THIS many people will test positive due to face-to-face instruction! see, not so bad!!" (which is fucked in itself) ... as if students, faculty, and staff don't interact outside of the classroom, in their dorm rooms, at parties, shared facilities, etc.?

    I have no doubt this ICE policy will deter schools from opting for remote delivery for fall, and it's infuriating that this comes out as soon as some of the major players finally begin to announce they're going mostly/fully online. I was really hoping many universities would follow their lead, but then again, schools like Harvard are somewhat impenetrable.

    On the other hand, as you mention, funding is so fucked that I'm at risk of losing my (incredibly low-paying administrative) job if students don't go back to campus in the fall, because the fiscal effects on the university would be so drastic.

    This sounds like a well-functioning system huh!!!!
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