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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Him and Hillary tonight co-opting language like "healthcare is a right" while....refusing to endorse any policy that would enshrine healthcare as a right.

    And I'm sorry but the language they use to defend their position is just so.... dehumanizing. This is why people against Medicare For All need to be real honest cause at this point I wanna know what's actually being fought for here. It's literally healthcare hoarding. Do people really not wanna share their doctors with poor people? Are the "good" doctors reserved for assholes with gold Kaiser plans? Do they think it's unfair if someone who makes 1/4th what they do gets equal time with a doctor?? Are people fearful of sharing a waiting room with poor people? Cause the mindset is literally "I don't wanna have the kind of healthcare that I think poor people have cause I think I deserve better". It's insulting. To call it a "right" that deserve to have private health insurance. Are you kidding me? Let alone, many people with employer-based healthcare aren't happy with it and most companies hate providing it.

    Like this is literal insanity.
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  2. My best friend also has HIV and literally cannot leave his job because the pills cost $3500 a month without insurance coverage and he can't afford to not have them.

    How Biden, Clinton and co. can spend literal decades meeting citizens and voters who share anecdotes like that with them and STILL not get their heads around healthcare equality being a moral obligation for a fair society is just...

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  3. I mean it’s deliberate and it’s sick. On one hand, they’ve gotta keep that big pharma money coming in, and on the other hand, they have to appease their wealthier supporters who are, exactly, hell bent on hoarding resources. I think they’re all out of touch too, but I think that’s less consequential than the other two reasons. They know people are struggling. They literally don’t care.
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  4. That Biden healthcare video is disgusting and I hope single-payer activists make his presidency a living hell if he manages to win.
  5. I’m supposed to have the “best health care” as a government worker and I just got a $200 bill from my last doctors appointment for using a mini camera to look up my nose to make sure it wasn’t infected which was considered a surgical procedure which he did not inform me prior to (it took a total of 2 minutes and there wasn’t any medicine involved). This is on top of the $45 copay. It’s fucking ridiculous. Like this is literally the reason why I don’t go to the doctor unless it is an absolute necessity.

    Fuck. Employer. Provided. Health. Insurance.
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  6. Nn I was paying like several thousands of dollars a year for therapy with my last insurance because my deductible or whatever was astronomical. My insurance before that covered almost everything 100%, though, which was actually insane (although, I've heard they've switched insurance companies and it sucks now). The fact it varies so much shows how artificial the market is.
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  7. Can’t even get the low-hanging fruit.

  8. This is not from The Onion.

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  9. It just amazes me how much these politicians completely put the blinders on to very popular ideas, all because the lobbying and the corporate money lures them the opposite way.
    Money in politics is poisonous.
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  10. SAME... Literally spent $200+ on simple blood tests, I need to go back to get them retested but damn...
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  12. I literally took back my vote-shaming. And I understand "who at the top is causing that frustration."

    Your presumptuousness continues to be appalling. You wrote several paragraphs, completely ignoring things I've specifically addressed before, and you felt fully entitled to put words in my mouth.

    I am NOT a liberal because I am voting to get Trump out of the White House. I think you're assuming I'm gonna go back to living my comfortable Debra Messing'd lifestyle if Biden wins, and you're really wrong sis.
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  13. This sounds misguided and kinda pointless but I feel like it also completely neutralizes Trump’s economic appeal. Maybe Biden will win.

  14. You're voting *for* a neoliberal and neoliberal policies that prioritize further privatization and commodification of our healthcare, housing, environment, and more.

    You have every right to but drop the performance. Voting is not some moral action. It is material and you're voting for Biden cause you're fine with the what he puts forward, even if it's not enough for millions. Just own it. Biden is about to win in a landslide because Democrats pushed Republicans so far right and killed any leftist movement in the country. I'm not here to coddle anyone just cause some people want Biden's win to be some glorious moment of progress that it is inherently unable to be.

    For all this concern trolling about ~rich socialists cosplaying in the aesthetics of the poor~ (kill me and throw my body in the river so my ghost will not stay on this desolate Earth), there is a real liberal obsession with cosplaying as progressives. Liberal media types writing nonsense like "the CARES Act was bigger than The New Deal" ddd. Obama really ushered us into the late stage capitalism of politics where corporations are people and human politicians are nothing more than brands, symbols, and celebrity who we ask for nothing more than visual cues and presentation. Millions about to be evicted because even the Democrats are against more than one stimulus check but at least Nancy Pelosi wears kente cloth and Biden knows all the woke linguistic signifiers! Restore the soul of America!
  15. Not both of Trump’s SCOTUS appointees ruling against him
  16. dfdfdfd omg amazing
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  17. One up, one down.
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