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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Sis, what's not clicking?

    It is plainly evident that Democrats as an organizational political body worked (and have worked for ages) to shift both themselves and Republicans to the right. Bill embraced Reagan's corporatism. I've provided you with the DNC and Clinton's own literal words. Instead of veering away from corporatism themselves, Dems decided trying to push Republicans even further right on social issues would give them electoral power without needing to sacrifice any of their pro-corporation policies.

    Why did the DNC want the Republican candidates to have "as extreme views as possible"?
  2. So basically you're saying Democrats "reaching across the aisle" made the Republicans more right-wing? I believe you said they pushed them so far right, and now you're saying democrats embraced Reagan ideology?
  3. They literally did, sis. Like, read a Wikipedia page. It happened in the US and the UK under Clinton and Blair. "Third Way".
  4. Jesus I literally can’t do this. You’re wilfully being dense. We’ve literally just had weeks of civil disobedience that spurred governments across the world at all levels to take actions. Don’t act like voting is the only way for poor people and oppressed groups to engage in politics and enact meaningful change. Just because they refuse to vote against their own interests in a race between two capitalist ghouls doesn’t mean they don’t have the collective power to make change in other ways.

    And on that note I’m gonna stop clicking show ignored content x
  5. I literally did not say they didn't. @Sanctuary 's point was that the Democrats pushed Republicans to the right, but now he's using examples of Democrats embracing right-wing ideology. So which is it?
  6. On that note, just because they are choosing the lesser of two evils, does not mean they are not willing to use their collective power in other ways.
  7. Nice of you to remove the aggressive WHATS NOT CLICKING? x

    I haven’t argued anywhere that people who vote for Biden can’t also participate in other ways. Just that you should stop shaming and shouting at people who can’t bring themselves do to both when you have literally just admitted both are ‘evil’. The reasons have been laid out clearly multiple times now and the conversation is going nowhere evidently so now I’ll be leaving it at that.
  8. .
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  9. [​IMG]

    But in all seriousness, let it go.
  10. ..... Democrats pushed Republicans to the right by gravitating towards the """center""" (embracing right-wing ideology). It's pretty simple.

    But let me join in and leave it at that.
  11. Someboy

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    I feel like all the points have been made.
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  12. *blinks nervously*

  13. Biden / RuPaul 2020

  14. I genuinely did not realize that this was specifically in reference to his fracking comments today and thought it was just a comment on… the entirety of his campaign so far. Embarrassing. For me, but also, everyone involved.
  15. Deciding between a confederate monument joke or the Biden/Bottoms joke I’ve been holding in a while.
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  16. b
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    mi amiguito Gelo

  18. Sigh. The upshot of commuting Roger Stone is that he'll probably take a hit in polling. Will be harder to run on "law and order" at this point too. The corruption is so beyond brazen at this point.
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