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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Veritaserum, Feb 16, 2016.

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  1. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's scary how close it is to the episode where the cartoon character runs for office and eventually takes over the world. I've been thinking of that one for a couple of months now.

    The media on the right and Congressional Republicans only have themselves to blame. By creating a fear of Obama as 'the other' for eight years, their base is eager to elect to someone who represents the worst of the country's instincts as a reaction to the big, bad black guy who's wants all your guns, officiated gay weddings in the Oval Office, and prays to Mecca in the Rose Garden.
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  2. Donald would also have to realise that being President also doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants like building a wall along Mexico, making Muslims wear identity badges on their clothes, banning Muslims completely, putting a flashing 'TRUMP' sign on top of the White House, changing the USA to the UST (United States of Trump) as there is the entire Senate to gain approval from in order to pass presidential decisions and the decisions have to be made according to the US Constitution. Most of his extreme policies wouldn't be approved should he actually get into power and he would have an ugly realisation that he can't just go around shouting 'YOU'RE FIRED' at members of the Senate who won't do what he says.
  3. RJF


    Other countries should just pick America's president for them.
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  4. Also I need a referendum in mainland Europe on ooh, June 23 to ask them if they want the UK to be a part of it.
  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I will be so embarrassed for my nationality if Trump becomes president.
  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I can't imagine anyone wanting to be the President of the United States; more than any other world leader you're just as responsible/involved in the affairs of other countries as you are in the actual country you're president of. It's no wonder all presidents go grey and visibly age dramatically.
  7. He would probably beat Bush as the worst president in recent US History, back to square one with the US being the laughing stock of the rest of the world like they were under Bush but probably 10 times worse. Also a man who went bankrupt 3 times spells the rapid undoing of Obama's hard work on rebuilding their economy.
  8. It's the writers of Veep I feel most sorry for.
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  9. To be honest if Donald did get elected President, I'd be amazed if he wasn't impeached before his first term ends, I can just see him having his own 'Watergate' or 'Trumpgate' where he's caught siphoning money to build more casinos or hotels or whatever.
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  10. What you failed to take into account is was the fact that he won against two Latinos. Plus, the Republican caucus once again had stronger turnout than Democrats. Experts were so quick to assume that Trump wouldn't get the minority vote in his party due to his bigotry.

    On the other hand, Hilary and Sanders are finding it difficult to get the Latino vote.
  11. I am aware Cruz and Rubio are Latinos, thanks. But that's neither here nor there considering Trump won the state by 20+ points––it's hardly surprising he allegedly reached a majority (though not 50%) of a small minority.

    What I should've taken into account is that the sampling in the poll was minuscule (100-200 Latino people), resulting in a 10% margin of error*. Also, the difference in turnout isn't enough to offset the Latino shares of each electorate–about 16,000 Latino voters participated in the Democratic caucus compared to about 5,000–6,000 in the Republican caucus*.

    Polling in Nevada is notoriously unreliable, anyway. The polling that showed Bernie Sanders winning the Latino vote in Nevada on Saturday was contested in the face of actual voting numbers*.

    So basically, Trump receiving ~40% of the Republican Latino vote in questionable polling shouldn't give Democrats pause about his chances with all Latinos in the general election. But of course Trump will flaunt this out whenever he can and people will eat up the headline.
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  12. The Iran deal is a terrible deal, just bloody awful.

    If Trump wins, it'll be the Democrats fault for not fielding a remotely likeable candidate. If Joe Biden was standing, he would walk it.
  13. It's not shocking respectability politics is gonna occur amongst a minority group, especially in a very conservative area.

    Bill Clinton got such a large turnout amongst black voters because so many believed a tough love approach was needed to fix their people's problems and get them off welfare and back to working and so they voted for him with his promise to end welfare - Clinton went on to basically eradicate the entire welfare foundation most black folks in poverty were relying on to make ends meet.

    Though I don't think there's a similar misguided incident happening here. As mentioned, it's a very small population who won't reflect the overall views of Latino voters. This is hilarious if true.
  14. Surely if Trump gets the nomination it'll just secure a Democratic victory? Swing voters aren't going to back him.
  15. You would think that, but some polls show Trump pulling ahead in both scenarios, no matter who the dem candidate is.
  16. Rmx


    More like a Kennedy gate. Sis ain't surviving a full term, let's be honest.
  17. Rubio would be a less scary President, but I want Trump to be the nominee because I think with Rubio vs. Clinton, Rubio would win and republican's would probably hold the Senate. Sanders may beat Rubio, but I'm not convinced he'll be the nominee. I think Trump is the best bet at getting another Democrat in the White House and possibly even gaining back control of the Senate.
  18. K94


    Politics is not just about issues YOU want to talk about or issues that concern you. If you didn't like it, you were more than welcome to change the topic! It's not by force.
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  19. I came back to delete the above post on immediately realising it was likely to start the very conversaton I was trying to avoid.

    I was too late.

    Ignore me and lets get back to talking politics.
  20. The polls of who is leading the election overall taking into account swing voters change all the time. I'd say Donald won't have a clear cut victory if he gets the nomination at the same time the Dems, Hilary or Bernie need to show they can shut Trump's ridiculousness in the debates in the run up to the Election. Trump is all bluster and I feel the candidate who can hold their own, defend themselves and their policies and call him out the most is probably Hilary. I feel like Bernie would really struggle in the debates, he would just get shouted down constantly by Trump and look weak in comparison, which isn't good for preventing a Trump victory and getting support of swing voters. He has good policies but I fear he would be a doormat for Trump to walk over, not only that but then there is the risk that his fanbase won't even bother turning up to vote! Though if I was American and the alternative was President Trump I'd be down to the ballot to place my vote for the Democrats as fast as possible in November. So if he won the Democratic nomination I'd be less confident in Donald not being able to easily take victory.
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