$ucce$$ - The Dannii Minogue singles rate (Winner revealed)

What's your favourite Dannii album

  • Dannii/Love and Kisses

    Votes: 3 6.1%
  • Get Into You

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Girl

    Votes: 17 34.7%
  • Neon Nights

    Votes: 27 55.1%
  • Club Disco

    Votes: 2 4.1%

  • Total voters
Welcome to the official Popjustice Dannii Minogue singles rate where you, the lovely Popjustice readers, will be rating the underappreciated and fabulous singles of Dannii Minogue. The rules are standard Popjustice rate rules with every single rated from 0 to 10 (with 1/2 points allowed) and 1 solitary 11 for that special single you rate above all others. Send me a PM with all of your votes from Monday 18th January to Sunday 14th February.

I apologise in advance that I will be doing this whole rate on my iPad so it will be fairly basic and the hassle of trying to link YouTube videos is just too much. However, everyone is welcome to submit their own commentary to spice things up a bit. I will post my list of singles below and welcome any ideas for further submissions before voting opens.

Preliminary singles list:

Love & Kisses

Love and Kisses
I Don't Wanna Take This Pain
Jump to the Beat
Baby Love

Get Into You

Show You the Way to Go
Love's On Every Corner
This Is It
This Is The Way
Get Into You


All I Wanna Do
Everything I Wanted

Everlasting Night

Neon Nights

Who Do You Love Now (Riva feat. Dannii Minogue)
Put the Needle on It
I Begin to Wonder
Begin to Spin Me Around (Vs Dead or Alive)
Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
Dont Wanna Lose This Groove (Vs Madonna)
Come and Get It (and JCA)

Club Disco

You Won't Forget About Me (Vs Flower Power)
Perfection (and Soul Seekerz)
So Under Pressure
I Can't Sleep at Night
He's the Greatest Dancer
Touch me Like That (Vs Jason Nevins)

Summer of Love
100 Degrees (with Kylie Minogue)

Here is a complete Spotify playlist of all the singles.
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30. Show You The Way To Go
29. Love's On Every Corner
28. Summer of Love
27. Everlasting Night
26. I Don't Wanna Take This Pain
25. He's The Greatest Dancer
24. Get Into You
23. This is The Way
22. Coconut
21. I Can't Sleep At Night
20. Baby Love
19. Perfection
18. Love and Kisses
17. Come and Get It
16. $ucce$$
15. 100 Degrees
14. Touch Me Like That
13. Everything I Wanted
12. Jump to the Beat
11. Don't Wanna Lose This Groove
10. So Under Pressure
9. This Is It
8. Begin To Spin Me Round
7. Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
6. Put The Needle On It
5. Disrememberance
4. You Won't Forget About Me
3. Who Do You Love Now?
2. I Begin To Wonder
1. All I Wanna Do
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Interested to hear anyone's thought on inclusions for 100 degrees and whether they agree that I've included the 2 mash ups from Neon Nights. Also any releases you feel I should include??
Ooh, this will be the first rate I'll gladly participate in because I know and love Dannii's discography by heart.
Plus, this is a genuinely tough one as far as predicting the top 5 goes. It can go any which way, her run of singles, particularly in later years was very strong.

As far as including the mash-ups go, on the one hand they were officially released as part of her single packages. I remember that "Begin to Spin Me Round" was the official single version here in Germany for example.

You can see it as a version of the song, which is a slippery slope to take (why not differentiate the remixed and Australian Pop versions of "Love and Kisses" as well then? Both were used to promote the songs in the end...),
or you can see it as a Remake version, similar to when Depeche Mode released "Enjoy the Silence" in 2004. Just because it was released simultaneously and not with a ten year gap doesn't make it different, or does it?

If you leave them out some people might change the score of the single left in accordingly and just merge their opinions. Some might say "Oh I loved 'Begin To Spin Me Round', 'I Begin To Wonder' was naff though, yet I'll still give it a 10 because it's the only single version listed".

Bottom line, I don't know what to do hahahaha. My gut feeling says just leave them in.
I shall be taking part in this rate 100 Degrees is already in the Kylie rate I don't see no harm of including it here too. No problems with the mashups being included either.
This is all terribly exciting! I have longed for a Dannii rate for years. So many amazing tunes - they don't call her the queen of clubs for nothing! It will be genuinely difficult picking my 11.

I would leave the mash-up versions in as they are sufficiently different eg Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling is shit whilst Don't Wanna Lose This Groove is mindblowingly amazing.

Looks like I am going to be listening to even more of the Holy Minogues over the next few weeks...
They/them, he/him
Y**********S!! Ready for this. At a glance my 11 will go to either Disrememberence, All I Wanna Do or Touch Me Like That.

And we absolutely have to include 100 Degrees so I can slutdrop along with with the good sis @idratherjack
I love a few of her songs forever, but not enough for me to take part. I hope Touch Me Like That and Who Do You Love Now do well though.
I initially panicked that this was running at the same time as the Kylie rate till I realised that I know most of these songs like the back of my hand so it won't take long. My playlist is assembled and I'm good to go!

I wondered about maybe including the Eurogroove Featuring Dannii Minogue singles Rescue Me and Boogie Woogie?