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UK entry 2019: Michael Quinoa

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Sep 19, 2018.



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  1. Somebody I did a course with a few years ago was in one of the groups that competed the year That Sounds Shite to Me was our song (2010?). He said he was very thankful they didn't win in the end.
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  2. Another year of complaining about WHERE IS STEPS????? yes I'm so excited
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  3. Remember how Mel C wanted to do it but they said she'd have to compete like everyone else nn

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  4. Since she's popular in the UK now, send Courtney Act please.
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  5. I'm tempted to write a song for it...
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  6. I think we should go for broke and send an energetic pop-rock song along the lines of Busted or McFly. Nothing in the ballad or dance-pop territory has worked for us, it's time to try something else.
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  7. I mean... I'm happy to write a few songs and then post them here and people can vote for which one they like and I can submit it?

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  8. Adele or no one.
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  9. Nn wait. Why is Rae's co-writer offering her up on a platter like this
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  10. Jowst's frankly exhausting twitter campaign to want to write the song for our entry when paired with his comments about the UK public and people behind the song selection not having any respect for the contest and general air of how he'd be doing us a huge favour rankles me a bit...

    ...even though there is more than whiff of it's true but he shouldn't say it RE: the UK geepee and public perception of the contest.

    Thanks for coming to my TED talk


    Don't @ me or this post when the song turns out to be a bop and gets us the best result we've had in eons.
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  11. Not only is he her co-writer, he's her boyfriend too, mwahahahha
    But seriously, no.
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  12. He’s just becoming Eurovision scum. Skulking around every single national selection and former contestant. Fuck off!
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  13. Why don't you just ask Nanne Grönvall to make up for not sending her before?
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  14. Meanwhile, here's Wales entry for jESC 2019.

  15. Guess she got fed up of receiving e-mails every year saying "Send STEPS to Eurovision!!1!"

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  16. She probably decided to leave after hearing the 2019 You Decide submissions. x
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  17. When did we last enter a “dance-pop” song? I mean a serious Shady Lady / Popular / Euphoria effort - Suries bland nothingness and Electro Velvets comedy act don’t count!
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