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UK entry 2020: BMG collab

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Sep 16, 2019.


Will the UK flop again?

  1. Yes

    18 vote(s)
  2. Yes but like even worse this time somehow

    36 vote(s)
  1. Wait, has Martine McCutcheon been dropped?!!?


    In that case it must be Katharine McPhee or Foxes.
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  2. Are there even any rumours for this yet?
  3. Nothing credible
  4. I wouldn't say they are PJ friendly, but actually a half decent choice, if possibly their sound could be 5 years too late (I haven't heard the song).
  5. !!!!

    What do you know?!?!?!
  6. Oh god. I need more.
  7. Honestly... I'll take five years dated compared to our usual thirty years dated.
  8. The first name that popped into my head reading this was JLS.
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  9. Are they just going to reveal it on the deadline day... guess the BBC must be that ashamed with whatever crap they have come up with. Happy to be proven wrong though.
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  10. MB


    Could it be the Burke?
  11. Much as I would love that to happen (Era 1 or Era 2 Burke not Era 3) @ladylloyd gave us the hint that the artist isn't 'exactly PJ Friendly' - I would argue the Burke is definitely in the PJ friendly wheelhouse sadly...

    Having had a look at the BMG roster, and knowing the BBC it'll be someone like Dido
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  12. It's not a definite that we're getting a current BMG artist, is it? Just that the label are involved?
  13. The artist isn’t on that roster posted earlier in the thread.
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  14. Dido might not be PJ friendly but she is talented as hell and I would not be embarrassed to send her at all.
  15. MB


    Do we know when it’ll be announced? It was feb 8th last year when they did the selection show.
  16. The deadline is March 9th. So hopefully soon
  17. Sorry didn't mean any shade by this at all, I just meant the BBC have form when it comes to picking Eurovision entrants who haven't been on the scene for a little while. I'd be quite happy for her to represent us :-)

    There was something banging around on Facebook the other day that suggested the 14th of February as the release date but this is all just a rumour at this point
  18. Fair. Looking back Michael whatshisface was utter, utter shit. Surely we can’t send worse this year? I’d rather just get Scooch to do it every year than some John Lundvik knock off.
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  19. Let’s get someone who won’t blame Brexit when they inevitably flop
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