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UK entry 2020: James Newman

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Sep 16, 2019.


Will the UK flop again?

  1. Yes

    26 vote(s)
  2. Yes but like even worse this time somehow

    50 vote(s)
  1. Interesting concept though which will at least bring more attention to the entries.

    Waiting to see if the more famous brother has a song 78% better...
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  2. “Oh good, another dull as dishwater unmemorable snooze fest by a z-lister with terrible lyrics to represent us at Eurovision, that’s just what we need”
    - nobody, ever.

    I know everyone says “ooh we’ll never win it’s all political everyone hates us blah blah” but the fact of the matter is we keep sending such shit to represent us! We’re not gonna win with bland, boring tosh. Slow clap, BBC.

    Also this is a total Eurovision BOP!!! Take note, people, this is how you do it.

  3. My last breath up to number 11 on iTunes, have to say that’s quite unexpected.
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  4. I think I might be stanning a UK Eurovision entry. In 2020.

  5. He means he's about to release a new single
  6. I wouldn't get too excited. That's about 200 sales these days.
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  7. It is weird how the middle 8 bit sounds kinda rushed, like they often are in Eurovision songs because of time constraints.. they could've at least put a little instrumental bit in there.
  8. Why can I see them doing a Douwe Bob with the live performance “LAST”............ dramatic pause “BREATH” either that or they doing the spoken word intro to fill those 3 minutes.
  9. James it's not right to exploit an old man having a manic episode in the woods for your music video.
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  10. Needs another drum-stomping chorus to fill those 30 seconds then it’s great!
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  11. Well this is better than y’all’s last couple of entries, so let’s celebrate that. Don’t think it’s much of a televote grabber, but staging could help with that.
  12. Don't they have a week or so to present the final version?
  13. Cant remember the last time I hated a song this much.
  14. Germany dropping a sexy bop has certainly ripped any goodwill for this year's UK turd.

    God what a disappointment. How can the BBC have been ok with something so similar to last years disaster. Don't answer that.

    Just for once it'd be nice to have some pride in our song!
  15. Nah, its not hooky enough. Shame was expecting more. Itll be bottom 4.
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  16. Agreed.
  17. Germany or UK?
  18. I’ve just heard this and while it’s not really my thing nor is it terrible, the clunkiness of the delivery of “give you my last *makes a cup of tea* breath” is pretty fucking awful.
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  19. I actually think the song is quite nice. Sure, "nice" doesn't win Eurovision (unless its 2011), but this is a step forward for the BBC, not a step backward. Hopefully they don't immediately give up next year when this doesn't win.
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  20. Only to the production staff. There's no requirement for it to be released to the public.
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