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UK entry 2020: James Newman

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Rhombus, Sep 16, 2019.


Will the UK flop again?

  1. Yes

    26 vote(s)
  2. Yes but like even worse this time somehow

    50 vote(s)
  1. Consider me underwhelmed.

    It will probably be an announcement of when it will be announced on Ken Bruce's show.
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  2. A Ronan Keating and Emeli Sande duet? What timeline are we in?
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  3. I'm sorry what?
  4. MB


    For a second I thought you meant for Eurovision and threw up in my mouth.
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  5. I watched 10 mins of the Greatest Dancer for THAT
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  6. What happened? I'm watching Sweden
  7. MB


    But an announcement on radio one and radio two at the same time is different.
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  8. DING DING DING, we have a winner
  9. The rumour from the Foxes album 3 discussion is that Foxes is doing it. I’d be very happy with that. Give us Body Talk meets Euphoria please.

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  10. My friend who is connected to a few past entrants has let slip to me who he was told and they've already been named in this thread, but he's not 100% convinced
  11. Also were they waiting for Ken to come back from his operation to do the full announcement? Popmaster/Popjustice
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  12. JLS are signed to BMG...
  13. MB


    Here’s a theory a mate sent me -
    Mabel is a BMG songwriter. What if she’s written a song for her Mum. Neneh Cherry. Radio 1 and 2 combined.
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  14. That wouldn't be the worst option.
  15. Is it Duffy? She’s signed to BMG.
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  16. Radio 1!!! This is so exciting - let’s not underestimate how big this is. This should be a full out modern song now. Certainly no x-factor ballad!!!
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  17. They were on Sony BMG, which became Sony. BMG is now an independent label.
  18. Foxes would be a superb choice
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  19. MB


    Someone in the Steps thread just said steps are now with BMG...
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