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UK Entry 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by MB, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. How I feel about Sweden, Germany, Uk and Spain:

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  3. Sweden is lucky they have such (deserved) goodwill with people because I think every song of theirs since Heroes has been extremely formulaic.
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  4. Two of my faves from the last few years!

    No idea why both tanked on public votes.
  5. There will now be pyros according to James.

    he also should wear that brown jacket instead of the black one

  6. I mean, bless him. He's having the time of his life. Precisely what he can "love" about the staging is really beyond me though.

    This is going to have to be the pyro display of the year to save this, so good luck to him.
  7. So we now have fire........but James has decided to dress in gold leggings..... B22F32B8-FDCF-44FB-902C-D73E8862A35F.jpeg
  8. Yikes at that outfit
  9. That'll be pretend fire on the screens right? With the big stupid trumpets being made of polystyrene and all.

    Everything about this is complete shit.
  10. The new outfit......
  11. The idea that this is taking a precious space in the final from the likes of Croatia is sickening.
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  12. For Benjamin, his vocals were awful, the chorus was dead and people in Sweden love him and his famous family, he was never going to get that same huge reaction outside it.

    On topic: What is that outfit? Someone get me a wig and some wind machines and send me next year. I'll slay.
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  13. Benjamin's performance was super cheesy, and not in a good way. Those head bops to the camera still pain me to watch.
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  14. Rob


    The song was also lame.
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  15. James didn't wear the Gold in the Jury Final last night, so unlikely we'll be seeing that.
  16. I don't mind the gold pants. As it stands, it looks like they just took whatever they put on Michael Rice and gave it to James.

    Given how poor semi-final 2 was overall, this isn't bad at all

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  17. Every time he opens his mouth, I cringe.

    And then I remember that I also have a Yorkshire accent and talk like he does.

    And then I hate myself just a little bit more.
  18. Well this was wrong but also far more correct than I could have imagined
  19. The BBC and BMG at the Zoom meeting tomorrow morning:
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  20. Well, I don’t wanna say I told y’all so but...
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