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UK Entry 2021

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by MB, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. Reluctantly,

  2. This analysis is out there every year, we're also sending songs that don't fit the modern template. Everything seems chosen by a committee stuck in the 90's - they could be really forensic about it but they choose not to be - how very English
  3. Someone earlier suggested a Scottish bagpipe marching band or a Welsh male voice choir - add a few modern twists during the three minutes and it could be a rather unique performance. Worth a try just once.

    Either that or perhaps poach a popular singer from an EU country for the night.
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  4. Just listen to this and you’ve got your answer:

  5. I'm not opposed to the idea of incorporating each nation's traditional sounds, like what you've suggested. Only stumbling block would be the limited number of people on stage. You'd need to have whoever was on stage representing the nations, but the actual visuals be totally digital. Seeing a whole army of pipers, and a full Welsh choir could be very cool and would really mean something for the "United Kingdom", as opposed to this bland, dated shite we're sending.
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  6. The issue is that it's a bit chicken and egg now, isn't it? Nobody successful would want to go until it's not a career disaster, but it's not going to stop being that until somebody successful goes and does well. I guess the solutions are either throw money at somebody good to go and do it or find somebody hella talented (sorry but we don't need anybody else who was successful years ago) who understands the assignment and knows how to use social media and then throw the money at the right song and staging (somebody that looks like they've seen a stage and performed in front of an audience before would be good, the ability to dance would be even better).

    I definitely don't envy them figuring this out. That's if they want to.
  7. Yeah this is true. But a few hopeless countries won accidentally, so that's still a (faint) hope.
    Really I'd prefer consistently sending entries you'd want to listen to, whether they score well or not. As young people grow up, there has to be some who don't carry all the baggage that ESC has for us and older. Hopefully one of them can volunteer and avoid their management talking them out of it.
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  8. The UK didn't even have bad songs in 2020 and 2021. Not winning songs, but not bottom of the pile either. The problem is in the performers, it's all a bit local talent show. Also stop sending men in leather jackets. The last three male acts to represent the UK have worn a black leather jacket, black pants, and black shoes. Try literally anything else.
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  9. I love a trashy bop. Send a trashy bop and at least let us have some proper fun with performers (female or drag) who can belt, dance, absolutely own the 3 minutes they have and most importantly look like they are enjoying it and LIVING.

    I like the idea of incorporating something about the 4 nations. I wondered about taking the Drag Race idea and making a supergroup that let you cover all 4 - Tayce, Blu, Lawrence and you could go with Divina and Bimini to have north and south of England. It doesn't hit the vocal mark I appreciate but if they keep the backing vocal rule relaxed that would help.

    But yeah the idea of a full Welsh quoir is quite cool but how you would work that around the numbers requirements, even off-stage (unless as I say they keep the backing vocal track rule), not sure.

    Basically I want a British version of Hurricane so our entry at least makes me feel something at the end of it. No more bland, "nice". Either an epic powerhouse ballad or a full on trashy bop.

    Also announce it earlier so our act can do proper European promo and attend all the pre-event parties across the continent to build some recognition and fanbase.

    And lastly, no more white men that can't dance.
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  10. Yeah I definitely think the earlier announcement and promo push is a must. Garner that goodwill and show that we actually want to compete.

    What kind of act/song we send really is a minefield, as nothing is guaranteed. The thing is, even looking at the last 5 winners - literally anything can win. It just needs to capture the mood.
  11. Say it with me. E-lec-tron-ica. We never send anything with the bare resemblance of bass, beats or atmosphere. The UK houses some amazing electronic bands that could be used for inspiration. The electronic anthems are always the ones that come alive in the finals.

    Imagine something like
  12. SBK


    I think they need to find someone in the middle, someone with a bit of a name, but not so big that its a big deal that they're doing it. Like a Jack Savoretti.

    I think whoever they go for, they need to be proven performers. It's all very well Graham Norton reeling off James' song writing credentials and nominations to the home audience, Europe doesn't care if he's Brit/Grammy/Oscar/Whatever nominated.
  13. It's going to be really interesting where they go from here. I mean, this is literally rock bottom, could not have gone any worse, in a record breaking way, territory.

    Ironically I would say this entry was fairly warmly received by people. Generally quite liking the song, James seems very nice etc. Absolutely not a record breaking zero point disaster.

    I bet the BBC must have thought they'd finally cracked it!
  14. MB


    I mean the last 'You Decide' was shoved on a Friday night for an hour on BBC2 (I think) so hardly building any hype at all. Surely they could do something on BBC3 with it coming back? I don't trust the BBC2 demographic to pick anything other than a boring white man in a leather jacket singing a Westlife B-side, but then again I don't trust the 'suits' to pick any better.
    Basically - hand it over to the gays to sort.
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  15. BBC Three is a good shout. I can't believe that a You Decide further is that costly to run
  16. I remember how much I liked this entry back then!

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  17. I've long thought we should send another Gina G/Imaani style entry ie a bop for the gays, it really isn't rocket science. I'm sick to death of us sending straight white males singing songs we would never choose to listen to.
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  18. Or like someone like Alison Limerick, someone with the ability to pull off a big performance and turn a mid range banger into something special. I was also listening to Stooshe's Black Heart and thinking how they could do something with that kind of platform with the right song.
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  19. I feel this shake up in confidence should have happened after the pretty good results of 2009 & 2011 but it seems that it will never change at this point.
  20. I was thinking of someone like Georgia

    A name but not someone who would have everything to lose by doing it, and also more than capable of coming up with a synthpop banger we could all get behind and be proud of, not just say "but he's a lovely bloke backstage"...
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