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UK Entry 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Punka, May 24, 2021.

  1. And before that (Sertab I think)? The point is, Eurovision is a young persons game. Lets not send Atomic Kitten. Charli XCX would be a great choice and culturally relevant in 2021.
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  2. My objection to bananarama wouldn’t be their age

    it would be that they sound like two goats braying
  3. The trouble is that's the BBC's attitude too. When all we aim for is 13th, we come 26th.

    There's absolutely no reason why we couldn't go from nowhere to 1st, like other countries have done.
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  4. No offence to anyones faves but most of these are essentially has-beens and that's a large part of the problem. For all intents and purposes, sending Bananarama would be no different to when we sent Bonnie Tyler.
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  5. Send the fake band from X factor the band.

    I don't see any problem with Diana, Alexandra, etc, they are young and have good voices. It's not like Natalia from Moldova or Efendi from Azerbaijan are global stars.
  6. EXACTLY! The fan 'dream' choices are often barely a step above the BBC's approach. I mean Beverley Knight?? Have you seen what other countries are sending?

    They'd both be in their 30s by next Eurovision, and were at the height of their fame 10 years ago... Måneskin just won a massive national festival and are around 22 years old, Hurricane are one of the biggest acts in Serbia right now
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  7. How dare you. Dame Beverley Knight is AGELESS.
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  8. You know being 30 doesn't make you decrepit? Tons of acts in the top 10 each year this past decade have been aged 30 plus. Eleni Foureira was 31 when she came 2nd, Sergey Lazarev 33 and 36 when he came 3rd twice. There are lots of other examples.

    You don't need someone at the height of their fame, and in the context of the UK music business it is very unlikely. You need someone who is a competent and confident performer. Alexandra Burke would not be a bad choice at all, given the right song. Blue did well in 2011, and that was long after their heyday as a group.
  9. oh my god Alexandra Burke would be perfect. As long as they give her a big pop bop and not a dreary ballad.
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  10. Yes babe, I'm 34 and still bravely soldiering on. The point was it was said they are 'young'. I was pointing out that in ESC terms they are not.

    You don't need someone at the height of their fame no, you could also get someone up and coming. Someone whose moment passed 20 years ago? No - it's not 1997 anymore.
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  11. But who defines what is young at ESC? Sure Maneskin are young but Jamala and Mans were also „older“ and won.

    If Duncan was 32 he still would have won.
  12. OK as we're all collectively insisting on missing the point, let's just bop

  13. No matter how you cut it, if the song and accompanying performance are as nondescript as our last 20, it doesn't matter who sings it.

    I never hugely dislike our entries, but they're the epitome of mediocre in every possible way. For such a multicultural nation, we send the most magnolia music to Eurovision every year.
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