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UK Entry 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Punka, May 24, 2021.

  1. Pretty much anyone from the UK who I spoke with about this song up until Saturday said they hated it, thought it would do poorly, thought the odds were overhyping it, etc. Two of my British friends flat out told me "this is not how we want to be represented." Since Saturday though those same people have been rooting for him to go number one on the official chart during this latest chart battle.

    I think a lot of that is a learned behavior to automatically write off anything the BBC sends to Eurovision because of their long history of terrible results. But as an outsider I could tell this song was leagues above what the UK normally sends.

    It's actually similar to how the Spanish public treated Chanel after Benidform Fest. They did not treat her well at all, but after she came 3rd she received a hero's welcome back to Spain. It's about the bigger picture, people.
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  2. Best UK chart performance in 26 years. Jeeeesus
  3. He missed out by just over 4k, due to Harry Styles getting 9k CD singles dispatched and added yesterday, annoyingly. Hopefully he can have a bit of staying power and not disappear immediately though.
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  4. No disgrace to lose out to Harry Styles and his mega massive fanbase.
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  5. No 2 is still amazing result and I hope he has a big career ahead of himself.

    You could feel that he really enjoyed every second of the journey.
  6. Fuck Harry Styles.
  7. I can't get over the fact a EUROVISION entry was competing with HARRY STYLES for #1
  8. GOD I love him so much :'(((((
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  9. First look charts had Sam holding on at 4 behind Harry Styles so would be great for him not to drop like a stone
  10. He was number 6 on Monday's update, and I don't think he's fallen since. So that's very respectable.
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  11. Number 6 it is - good job
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  12. Solid sales too. It held better than I thought it would.
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  13. Sam absolutely slaying and stealing the show at the jubilee concert!
  14. Sam is such a talent, that performance was absolutely incredible.
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  15. He stole the bloody show! And the crowd absolutely loved him! He is going to be so huge.
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  16. The same cannot be said about this ghastly Rod Stewart performance
  17. OK, but what time are Electro Velvet on?
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  18. I said the same but for Jemini!
  19. Just saw it and WOW. I love this man.

    He is just completely sensational. An incredible talent.

    That song is destined to become a classic.
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