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UK Entry 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Punka, May 24, 2021.

  1. Sam looking like heading back into the top 10 this week!

    Plus a new tour and album announcement coming soon.
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  2. No has-beens please!
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  3. ""Actually, I've already put my name forward [for Eurovision]. Not to represent the UK, but to do that bit at half time, like Madonna and Justin Timberlake."

    The headline is clickbait. And it's not impossible if UK hosts this year.
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  4. The album is called There's Nothing But Space, Man! and it's out October 14th. I think his official store put it up accidentally a couple weeks back.
  5. I would really prefer if it's not in Ukraine that it's still Ukrainian presenters and performers for the intervals
  6. How bout no Ukrainian presenters even if it's in Ukraine? 2017's comedy still haunts me.

    Just kidding, it's probably gonna happen the way you said.
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  7. I love how Sam has used this as a genuine launchpad into a career.

    I wonder how many also-rans had their ongoing career map completely balanced on the knife edge of their success at the contest?
  8. According to gossip I saw on Twitter today Sam is apparently recording with Sigala. Not sure if its true but I could definitely see it.
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