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UK Entry 2022

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Punka, May 24, 2021.

  1. I mean. I’m not a fan but give Jessie J a decent song and it’s likely to do better than we’ve done in a long while.
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  2. There seems to be some news tomorrow?

  3. Exciting or decent? Make up your mind ddd.
  4. Don't know what to think. If it was an act reveal would they have hyped it up more? Is a NF really decent and exciting news given we've had them recently anyway? Unless it's a big multi-week BBC One Saturday night extravaganza type thing.

    I'd be really happy if we just sent Jessie J.

  5. Hm well BMG was a big record company and they still always fucked it up so let‘s see.
  6. Mentioning Dua Lipa, Lana and Ellie feels very disingenuous, but nothing says UK approach to Eurovision like setting unrealistic expectations only to underdeliver
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  7. Wasn’t the BMG partnership meant to run like 5 years

  8. For a second I thought they said they'd launched a supergroup comprised of Dua, Lana and Ellie... named TaP.
  9. BMG were apparently livid about the result.

    I think it's a good move anyway. It doesn't guarantee anything but I'd rather they continued working with the industry in this way because when it's just a free-for-all we end up with total shit.
  10. It baffles me why they haven’t tapped into the Drag Race UK bucket yet. It’s one of the most talked about shows on social media globally. Why would we not utilise these well known characters (some of whom are very musical) to get a step ahead in our entry?

    It would generate headlines and make the performance stand out on the night. It really seems like a no brainer to me.
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  11. Please no.
  12. I know a lot of people seem opposed to the idea but I totally agree, I'd love something like this for our Eurovision entry 2022

    At least it would be something different, generate interest and get people talking, and it would feel like we were actually trying. Give me Tia Kofi over James Newman any day of the week.
  13. Can't really see the juries going for something like that.
  14. They generally don't sing the girl band song live and half of the vocals aren't the Queens so I think it would end up being a hot mess.
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  15. Yeah don‘t forget about the live vocals. Ok since the backing vocals now can be prerecorded it‘s easier but still.

    Plus if it‘s too tacky juries won‘t go for it and certain countries either.

    UK just needs a good song from 21, well 22, with a good performer. Nice enough doesn‘t cut it. People have to feel something so they are motivated to vote for you.
  16. The girlband challenges on the show, yes - they are largely mimed to session vocalists. But there are also contestants doing music out with the show which is them singing - Frock Destroyers released an album last year, Bimini’s solo material is Britpop and distinctly British sounding, Tia Kofi has gone down the dance route. There are options out there which might provide a different route for the UK.
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  17. I’ve just been reminded of James Newman being a mess and spilling his beer everywhere, ugh. We deserved 0 points.

    Praying we can actually choose someone good this year.
  18. Getting at least a decent songwriter on board would be a good start. I've never bought into the idea of us doing badly because of "politics" - if anything, I'd say that would have less of an impact on the public's vote compared to the juries, and we bombed with every single one of those. Even if we'd been allowed to vote for ourselves, I doubt many would have bothered.
  19. Ok. I’m gonna say getting Tap Music involved has to be a good move. I know Ben Mawson from a former life and he certainly knows his pop music and is an expert on the business side. I can imagine him approaching this in quite technical way, understating what works and choosing something designed to win.
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