UK Entry 2022

I know this song isn't tickling a lot of your fancies, but I fucking love it. This is my favourite UK entry in years and years and years.

All I'm hoping for now is some fun, eye catching staging, because it's clear we don't have to worry about Sam's live vocal. He's a beast.

I've only listened to it once so far, but I reckon it's the best UK entry for a few years. Lots of potential for breathtaking spacey staging too.
It definitely has a lot of potential (to get off the bottom of the leaderboard, at least) if they pull out all the stops with the staging. His live vocals are really going to make people sit up and listen, even if the song is a bit middle of the road.
If he gets a second half running slot it should score enough with juries to get out the bottom 5 surely.

I hope we are bold and imaginative with the staging as others have said.

Female bop for 2023 though please.
Well, girl can sing. This is absolutely not what I wanted but it is a vast improvement on the last few years and I can see the strategy here. If he nails the live vocal and the presentation is strong this could do well.