UK Entry 2023

Was gonna say Spaceman had been out a week or 2 prior to it being announced. Also if Rina goes with Frankenstein we’re coming somewhere between 14 and 23. It’s so by numbers Eurovision it’s bad.
If they finally give us a woman and then give us... Birdy
Leave Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde alone!

And also we'd probably get a very good basic bop remix of the song. I'm off to play the Don Diablo mix of Keeping Your Head Up.
No (intended) shade, but has Birdy done anything of note since that Wings song in - checks notes - 2013?

Keeping Your Head Up was a bit of a sleeper hit too (2016) but yeah, she has gone a bit off the boil.

Listening to her new one now and it's alright but it's not really suitable for Eurovision. It's also 4 minutes long. OK, Space Man was over 3 minutes too but cutting a whole minute off this would be difficult I think. I hope it's not the entry.