UK Entry 2023

I like the Mimi song, but it doesn't sound like a strong Eurovision option.

The Birdy one is gorgeous and could be one of the best UK moments ever. The staging possibilities are huge. It's the best of the rumoured songs for me, so far.
I'm on the Mimi front too since the song is quite strong already, although I'm pretty sure it will be Birdy fronting the UK this year.
I find Mimi's song as tedious as almost everything else she's released. She could be a really good popstar if her songs were any good.
So the UK entry is likely to be one of the following:

Rina Sawayama - Frankenstein or with a new song
Mimi Webb - Freezing
Birdy - Raincatchers
Freya Ridings - Weekends
Grace Carter - Pick Your Tears Up
Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

I think Grace already said it isn't her.
I also think it's just as likely to be none of the above!
Was part of the strategy to let the song get some traction before it was announced as the Eurovision entry? (I could be getting mixed up with last year). None of those mentioned have picked up much apart from Freya Ridings and Rina, but they both seem to have been released too early...
The bookies look fairly sure it's Birdy.

Which I would find very disappointing.
I think if Raincatchers had a remix, which put more of a beat behind it and made it build rather than stay at the same level as it does now, it could be a decent entry.

But Rina - personality wise - would best do a Sam Ryder in terms of embracing the contest with respect/love.

Freya’s Weekends could do pretty well I think but doesn’t quite have that wow
If we’re honest Rina’s best shot would have been keeping Catch Me In The Air - it’s hook central and offers a great opportunity to belt your face off.

I don’t hate the Birdy song but it definitely needs beefed up production and more variation, it stays on the exact same level throughout which isn’t going to translate well on the Eurovision stage if it does end up being our entry.