UK Entry 2023

Hasn’t Mimi Webb also confirmed a few times during Q+A’s the last couple of days that she is not going to Eurovision. Same as Freya Ridings whose also ruled herself out of the race.
Rina has done plenty of ~hehe who knows lol~ bullshit on her socials when fans have asked but never flat out denied it, so watch is be miss Muller.
Yeah I think it's quite unlikely that Mimi will announce it on Scott's show tomorrow with no warning - we're far more likely to be told that the announcement is coming at X time on Y day.
I would guess that's gonna be Thursday or Friday morning on Radio 1 and 2 Breakfast show again like last year.
I hope it’s Rina (or Birdy). But re Rina, do we think it’s likely they picked an album track from last September? Would have thought they would go with a new song?
I know this could mean almost anything but...

Another snippet of Mae's new song:

From her newsletter:
hello STUNNING people!!

hope this lovely tuesday is treating you all well xx

know i've been a bit MIA recently but let me tell you, BIG things are coming!! i promise, you are not ready

u know me i am actually ✨ way ✨ too excited for my own good, i just had to share a lil sneak peek of what's to come x

THERE IT IS just a little song I wrote... hope u love it as much as i do!!

stay tuned & speak VERY soon,
Mae xxx
I'm not expecting it to be Rina at all, I don't want to get my hopes up. Does that TikTok of her hinting at it dismiss her as a possibility? I feel like the BBC wouldn't want their selected artist mentioning it at all pre-announcement, even if they deny it.
With Rina it's not exactly a difficult or major revamp, it's 2:57 if you just cut the speaking bit from the end of Holy.

I like that we still don't know for sure who it would be but it feels time to get on with the announcement now!
They announced on R1 last year, right? It seems weird they would choose R2 if it's Mae or Mimi. More likely a more Radio 2 friendly song?