UK Eurovision Entry 2016

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The key changes are as follows:

  • An open submission process will take place. The BBC is inviting anyone over the age of 18 to submit a video of their original song for consideration. The video does not have to be professionally shot and the audio production can be a demo – but it must be sung live by the artist who would be performing the song in Stockholm. Details of how to enter can be found at The closing date for submissions is Friday 20 November 2015.

  • The BBC recognises that the fan community is a very important element of the Eurovision Song Contest. As such, the BBC will be inviting the UK branch of the OGAE to assist in the shortlisting of these open entries. The OGAE is the largest independent Eurovision fan club in the world and its UK branch has around 1,000 members.

  • In addition, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) is to revive its former partnership with the BBC and will run a song-writing competition amongst its members. BASCA exists to support and protect the professional interests of songwriters, lyricists and composers of all genres of music and to celebrate and encourage excellence in British music writing.

  • Hugh Goldsmith – former MD of RCA and founder of Innocent Records – will act as Music Consultant to the BBC, principally responsible for overseeing communication with established record labels, publishers, managers, writers and producers, in order to encourage high-level music industry involvement too.
That all sounds great actually.

Watch them end up with a load of great songs with the public picking Scooch again though.
As much as it is good news, when you think about it, is it? The public sent Javine and Scooch! It will only work if we take it seriously by sending a decent artist with credibility. Sweden get their top acts competing and wanting to represent whereas I imagine we'll get half the cast of the big reunion, pixie lott and chas and dave.
It does sound like they are focussing on the song now rather than the act, which is the most encouraging thing.
The argument about 'Watch us pick Scooch again!' only holds water if the beeb puts an act like that through for the UK to choose in the first place. If we're only given the option to choose from decent songs by people who can hold a tune, then we can't pick a duffer.

I understand that this does rely heavily on the beeb not putting utter dross through selection stage. *holds breath*...
I'm excited for this and I don't think the BBC will include any novelty acts, which is a good thing.

Maybe Claire Richards will submit a song, she said never say never recently.
This won't work because they are making the mistake again of having the singer and the song locked together at the point of entry. Fantastic performer comes with a duff song? Nothing they can do about it. Great song comes with rubbish singer? Tough.

Our last two most successful entries were Jade Ewen, in which instance the song was already decided and the public were simply choosing to best act to perform it and Jessica Garlick, who was only decided as the singer of that song weeks before the UK finals when they decided the person who had recorded the demo (of a song everyone agreed was a knock out) wasn't good enough.

Yet these two examples don't seem to be leading them to the obvious conclusion; treat the the act and the song as separate propositions.
I am all for this selection process.

I just hope its more of a melfest process; even if its just 2 or 3 semi's before the final. I just don't think it would ever be big enough for an arena tour like Melfest.
It's where it will fit in the schedules - The Voice runs from Jan - April. So doesn't exactly leave much time...
I think the best method was having a singer sing six different songs, then the focus went on how good it was rather than if they were dressed as cabin crew and saying 'suck on this'.
I think the best method was having a singer sing six different songs, then the focus went on how good it was rather than if they were dressed as cabin crew and saying 'suck on this'.

This is the Song For Europe model of the last 60s and early 70s. Probably the most successful time in the UKs Eurovision history.

It coincided with the light entertainment trend of 'personality' specials lead by singing stars; Lulu, Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris and Sandie Shaw. Household names could be signed up knowing that at the very least they will get to represent their country and no go through the indignity of not winning a UK selection process.

Perhaps the BBC thought that when the competitive aspect of UK selection was removed following the second 'Your Country Needs You' that it could attract big stars again based on this principle. But the draw of having your own BBC1 special dedicated to you in which you get to sing 5 new songs - in which you were the guaranteed winner - was no longer in place.

I have no doubt that the BBC could attract, at first, someone of Pixie Lott level if the gig was guaranteed to be hers. And if an hour long BBC1 weekend music special was part of the deal, I suspect her agent would give her little choice in the matter.
Get Alexandra Burke, there is no more versatile singer in UK and she can't seriously have any hopes of a pop career again.

If nothing else (and I have no expectation of us winning) she would knock it out the park and put on an amazing show whatever genre of song is chosen
I agree, but it's difficult for her to win votes across Europe for the worst possible reason to be honest. That's not saying the UK should capitulate to racism, but she could have the best song and best performance and her chances of winning would be slim.
I agree with Alexandra as a great choice from the UK, has a person of colour won Eurovision lately? It's sad that it would be an issue.
I agree with Alexandra as a great choice from the UK, has a person of colour won Eurovision lately? It's sad that it would be an issue.

Loreen springs into mind.

Also I'm incredibly excited for Melfest this year. I'm slowly starting to enjoy it more than the contest itself - Eurovision 2015 had some of my favourite Eurovision songs of all time but ORF didn't do the best job hosting compared to the years before it.

Let's hope that the BBC pull it out of the bag sooner rather than later. ESC needs to be hosted in the UK again and I'm sure we'd do a great job hosting.