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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Or we just don't like cheeky nandos?
  2. Eurovision is the Olympics for middle aged gayers.
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  3. How is that a fair characterisation of them? Did they say that? I must have missed it.

    How about judging it on the song and performance rather than some weird aversion to young straight men?

    We could just as easily reference Bianca's penchant for vanilla lattes from Starbucks - you know - because she must be a basic white girl.
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  4. It's called opinion. I'm sure Bianca wouldn't have faired much better to be fair but she's more likeable. Oh well I'm sure you'll be rooting for them. Also I don't see how bringing up someone's age has any effect at all. Younger doesn't necessarily mean better, this isn't a boy/girl band audition.
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  5. ...apart from when it's OK to decide you don't like someone because they are young and male?

    It works both ways or neither, surely?
  6. I didn't say I didn't like them because of their age. I think you need to look up what "cheeky nandos" refers to.
  7. I don't think it has anything to do with them being young straight men. It's just a weak song, like all six entries were.
  8. I have nothing against good looking young men (see my avatar).

    It just isn't a good or memorable song. None of them were to be fair.
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  9. Yeah it's got nothing to do with their age or the fact thy are straight males. It was quite simply because I'm not keen on the song and found their performance to be amateurish at best. The one without the guitar looked like a rabbit in the headlights and there was no star quality whatsoever.

    I want performers who look like pop stars rather than the lads who hang out in the park by my house. But it's just personal opinion. I'm sure they'll do fine at Eurovison - I just won't be routing for them.
  10. Compare them to Eric Saade here and tell me You're Not Alone is a good song and great performance.

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  11. Let me cock an eyebrow a bit at the idea bit that you came into watching that contest objectively and listening to all the songs you didn't think the winner clearly had the most immediate and strongest melody.

    I suspect if Bianca had sung You're Not Alone we'd be having an entirely different conversation.

    And I know what "cheeky Nandos" is supposed to mean. How will looking up the definition convince me that it hasn't been used disparagingly about two guys who A) have never said it or behaved in that way and B) for all we know could spend their weekends in Vauxhall chowing down on chickpea and quinoa patties?
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  12. Who chows down on chickpeas and quinoa in Vauxhall.

    More like Crystal Meth and cock.
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  13. I was inferring that it could be both...

  14. Having listened to the songs a few times this week, Shine A Little Light was the only chorus that got stuck in my head. Sadly the verses were drab and let it down but for me the chorus was so uplifting it took it to another level. I genuinely cannot remember how You're Not Alone goes so no, I don't think it had the strongest melody.

    You're Not Alone was not the worst song by far but you saying that if Bianca had sung it we'd be having a different conversation kind of strengthens my point in that the performer is as important, if not more so, than the song.

    Was Heroes the best song last year? I don't think so. Did the fact that Mans is pretty, a strong performer and had a chalk man help him secure the win? Undoubtedly. Do I think Joe and Jake are charismatic enough performers to win over the euro crowd (which is largely made up of ageing gay gentlemen)? I'm doubtful. But hey I'm happy to be proven wrong.
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  15. Exactly, you need a good performer at Eurovision. Remember James Fox? These two bores remind me of him. Not good.
  16. 'Shine a Little Light' gave me last year's Switzerland entry vibes.

    A good song, just a bit bland with a fairly uncharismatic performer. It received 4 points in the semi final. Though I preferred 'Miracle', I think the right entry was chosen. As for being boring, even Mans' performance on the night was stunted by the tiny stage, so with the opportunity for a bit more energy I think Joe & Jake will be fine.
  17. The best song won, but overall is was largely very folky, rip-offs of songs that have done well but not won over the last few years. Not sure if that's a smart move or a dumb one.

    You're Not Alone is good, but just needs a little more 'oomph', bigger, clashier drums maybe.

    Loved the bitter guy in the front row shaking his head disdainfully when their victory was announced.
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  18. It needs a donk on it.
  19. No! That's the catchiest part of the song to me.
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  20. It sounds like a Coldplay b-side, hastily thrown together in GarageBand or something. Those drums annoy me because they're so incredibly limp and weak-sounding. It doesn't need a donk on it, just a more capable production.

    With some luck it'll finish on the left side of the scoreboard come May but I doubt it.
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