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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I can't see this doing much at Eurovision. But then I loved Scooch and Electro Velvet so what the hell do I know?!
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  2. It's frustrating that we've not managed to send a song with any real chance of winning since Jade finished 5th in 2009. If they'd had a stronger song Blue had the potential in 2011, but everything else since then just obviously wasn't going to score well.
  3. I thought Molly was good and that big anthemic power ballad thing we used to do so well.

    Sadly Eurovision did not agree with me! We should have sent the Scott Mills dance remix.
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  4. Molly was the worst thing about that entry, she seemed a lovely girl but should have done a lot better than she did with a catchy yet intricate song and good, precise staging. There are plenty of singers who would have done that justice. She seemed nervous, which is understandable, and her image was muddled. She had a kooky, folky look, right down to henna patterns on her hands, but that wasn't the style of music she was being asked to perform at all. It was a mess and it ought to have been top 10 in a weak year.
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  5. Children of the Universe was I think the best song we've sent in years and I had high hopes for it. Sadly it didn't really translate on the night. It was the closest we have come to something as amazing as Dame Frances Ruffelle's Lonely Symphony in a long time.
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  6. It was a strange song. My friend, watching it with me, said 5 seconds in 'this sounds like FKA Twigs', 2 minutes in 'so they've gone for a pop ballad' and by the end 'ok, that went really indie-pop, what the f**k is going on?' Had that been sung by a charismatic performer, it would have been such a hot mess everyone would have voted for it purely because it was a refreshing change and memorable at the end of the night. As it was, it just came across as a muddle, and Molly is more responsible for that than anyone.
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  7. Guh, syntax all over the place today. Sorry, mind's still in the weekend.
  8. Thing is, while Blue's song was a borefest, their image and what they were trying to do were completely clear. That's how a professional pop outfit look and sound - crisp, enjoying themselves and devoid of clutter in their vocals or on stage, even when performing weak material. Since then, all our songs have been cluttered and unclear in terms of aesthetic, except for the execrable Electro Velvet.

    The choices last week were poor, but Joe & Jake are at least good looking lads with a modern sound. Give them a few lessons in stage presence (make them watch the Anglo-Greek gangsta rapper from 2014, who had very little talent but brilliant presence, straight down the front to the girls, remembering to smile, no corny dancing unlike his counterpart) and they'll be fine.
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  9. The staging of the UK entries always seems a bit lazy, a real oh-that'll-do approach, whereas other countries send half as much for twice the effect. There's just a real lack of effort most years.

    I'm confident Joe & Jake might make it to the left side of the board!
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  10. I am not from the UK, so I might be missing something here.

    Children of the Universe is the worst UK-song the ESC has seen this millenium.
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  11. Englebert Humperdinck says hi.

    (seriously how was that ever allowed to happen?)
  12. In the UK entry rate that was one of my few 10's. I agree it is nothing for ESC, but it is a class-a song!
  13. We will have to agree to disagree on that one!

    It's a tune free dirge that deserved to come last. In my opinion.
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  14. Bu what about That Sounds Good To Me?
  15. We don't speak of that.
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  16. Are you mad? It's easily one of the best. I raise Englebert with last years Electro Velvet. Yuck.
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  17. I loved Electro Velvet because it sounded like a novelty record from 1994.
  18. I hated Electro Velvet because it sounded $hite.
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  19. Love yourself...
  20. Just heard the UK entry.

    O.M.G. This is terrible. If they want to make this interesting they should perform some of action between each other or else I am out.
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