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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I predict a middling result, disappointing, but not rock bottom. If teenagers do in fact watch and vote in Eurovision, J&J might garner a few votes from some girls. It's difficult to imagine a realistic demographic, if they were on a British TV singing show they'd do well simply by being 'cute boys'.*

    *so I'm told, but there's a distinct lack of sideburns and blokey-ness
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  2. Our music video is out now there.

    I'm now expecting a lower left scoreboard result this year now, to be honest.
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  3. Did they put a donk on it?
  4. They need to forcibly rip the guitar from that one's hands.
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  5. Have they Coldplay-ified it?
  6. The song is great, the video is cheap and naff.
  7. a Mark Owen album track.
  8. What a perfect description.
  9. Haters gonna hate.
  10. MB


    I still enjoy the song, but yes the video is naff. Would ti have killed them to have shots of them without either a microphone or guitar surgically attached? Then again, could be worse (#onestrike)
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  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Suggesting that anyone who dislikes the winning song are just being "old" when the chosen track sounds like a Coldplay reject (aka the epitome of middle-aged blandness), seems hypocritical to me.
    It's an odd juxtaposition. Two young lads with a bit of dad-pop. I can't work out who they're aiming it at.

    I think Bianca could have done very well if the final mix of the song had been given a bit of oomph.
  12. You speak the truth.

    It's not like we are embittered militant Bianca stans either. None of the 6 songs were fit for purpose.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Exactly. I like the Bianca song, it wasn't perfect by any means but it was the best of an uninspiring bunch.
  14. MB


    I disagree I think that J&J's song was the best of a weak bunch. I had high hopes for Bianca after her EP (I even bought it which is highly unusual for me!) but to limp out with a leona reject wasn't good enough! There's no way we'll come anywhere near Top 5, but non of our 'selection' would have done.
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  15. I'm actually really liking the new edit of our eurovision track, we have a decent chance to get a few more points than our norm.

    A little bit of shameful self promotion... but i actually have a track with Karl William Lund , its on spotify if you want to take a listen, it's called "Resuscitate" for those that are interested.
  16. MB


    New edit?

    It really does remind me of 'deepest blue' circa 2003.
  17. It annoys me that it's not called 'Come Alive'

    thankfully it's at least our best effort since Jade.
  18. Having listened to all the competing songs I predict a middle table finish. Which might not be good enough for the BBC to stick to this process of picking the song. Anything other than a top 5 finish will no doubt be seen as a total failure.
  19. I was so looking forward to the return of the public vote for our song but we have ended up with the worst song we've had in years (and that's saying something!)

  20. hmm...Its absolutely not to my taste but its better than anything we have sent since Jade. But I agree, we should have found something better.
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