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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I can't see our song doing anything though would love to be proved wrong.
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    As opposed to a screen showing some selfies which is what we're going to get by the sounds of it *faceplant.
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  3. I think it could be one of those songs that comes last by accident. It's not usually the worst song, just one that everyone was a bit meh on. The one thing they have going for them is that they are a duo, in a year dominated by solo acts. But left side of the board? Can't see it.
  4. The Graham Norton performance was very average. They seem like nice guys but it's all just a bit uninteresting and forgettable to me.
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    I did love Graham saying 'do well, but don't win' then saying that no one ever wants to win as that'd mean you'd have to host it. Definitely the sentiments of the BBC!
  6. It really bugs me that that is BBC's attitude. Give it to ITV if you don't want to host it.
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  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the BBC turned down better songs for You Decide in case they had the potential to win the competition.

    After the closure of BBC3 and all their cost cutting they probably couldn't justify hosting Eurovision.
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  8. That thought had crossed my mind too. It would certainly explain a lot.
  9. I actually really liked most of the You Decide songs.
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    The songs got over a million views on youtube - seems to be one of the higher viewed ones. Just hope we can have a decent finish for once. Not sure how the new voting systems going to effect them.
  11. I'm finding it hard to get over the missed opportunity that was Until Tomorrow. How could we screw up so badly?
  12. MB


    Until tomorrow? Which one of the other shit songs was that?
  13. I keep forgetting this is happening this year.
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    Serious? I seem to be more into it than usual. I met J&J this week at work and they seem like decent lads - even commenting on my selfie skills. They were on Lorraine this morning and are on michael ball's show on radio 2 on Sunday. Not sure why theres so much UK promo!?

    Nicky Byrne was on BBC breakfast this morning asking for semi final votes and then they played the UK song near enough straight after - made it seem like the best song ever by anyone ever when standing it up next to his song.

    When Jade did it, didn't they concentrate on promo across Europe? Seems like a simple yet effective approach! Or are there rules against it? I mean it's not like we've had Sergey from Russia popping up all over the place over here (for example).
  15. Joe & Jake have already performed at many of the Eurovision preview party events earlier this year (Amsterdam, London, Tel Aviv) and have also performed their single live on Dutch television.

    That still isn't enough compared to what some other acts this year have done but it's still something at least, I guess.
  16. They messed up by not being able to sing live!

    And the other good chance Miracle messed up by the dullest staging since Englebert!

    I like the boys though and think if they give it some energy live it could translate well and surprise a few people
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    Well that's something, better than what I thought. I honestly just really like the song more and more. They were on BBC breakfast this morning and came across really well. I hope they manage to get a career out of this (unlikely as they'll probably end up with 7 points in total and go back to their day jobs).
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    I wasn't far wrong with 7 points for J&J.

    I honestly think next year the BBC should withdraw from the 'big 5' and just participate as one of the standard mix - although that would no doubt mean we wouldn't even get to the final, but still it's just a waste of our money!
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  19. It's interesting to see a graph of the UK's results over the past 30 years. From 1986 to 2002 we hover around the Top 10 and from 2003 to 2016 we linger around the bottom 5, except for a couple of exceptions (2009 and 2011).

    The decline coincides exactly with the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which there was a lot of opposition to in Europe obviously. It's also kind of ironic that the UK sent Jemini the same year it angered the world.

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    I stand by the fact that J&J is no where near as bad as the rubbish the UK sent in 2015. So we should have placed higher. If the UK do participate again then I'd suggest a better selection of songs for the public to pick from in the first place. I do think that we should stop pumping money into it as it's clearly never going to pay off!
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