UK Eurovision Entry 2016

This is the Song For Europe model of the last 60s and early 70s. Probably the most successful time in the UKs Eurovision history.

It coincided with the light entertainment trend of 'personality' specials lead by singing stars; Lulu, Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris and Sandie Shaw. Household names could be signed up knowing that at the very least they will get to represent their country and no go through the indignity of not winning a UK selection process.

Perhaps the BBC thought that when the competitive aspect of UK selection was removed following the second 'Your Country Needs You' that it could attract big stars again based on this principle. But the draw of having your own BBC1 special dedicated to you in which you get to sing 5 new songs - in which you were the guaranteed winner - was no longer in place.

I have no doubt that the BBC could attract, at first, someone of Pixie Lott level if the gig was guaranteed to be hers. And if an hour long BBC1 weekend music special was part of the deal, I suspect her agent would give her little choice in the matter.

They also did this in 1992-1994 with Michael Ball, Sonia and Frances Ruffelle and I always thought it was the best way of doing it but these days it seems received wisdom is TV audiences wouldn't have the patience to sit through 8 songs of varying quality by the same act.
Oh I know and there are also issues about undue prominence in dedicating a whole show to one artist, but if all tracks weren't yet commercially available they could get around it.
Loreen springs into mind.

To the viewing public Loreen is not a POC i had no idea she was of Moroccan origin (does that even really make you a POC ?) until googling her years later. Even if she was considered such it is a very different proposition to being black

The only black person who has ever won to my knowledge was that guy from this monstrosity

having said that i'm not so pessimistic in the past UK have done very well with Jade Ewen and Imani came 2nd in '98

to be honest we come up with a lot of excuses why we can't win Eurovision but as we all know the real reason is because we enter absolute crap
I can't see how anyone can deny that there is a clear racial bias in the Eurovision voting.

Especially when this bop didn't even make the final:
There's one of them darned 'rates' for all UK entries 1990-2015 in the Lists... section right here

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Are people already throwing around excuses for not winning?!
Racial bias at Eurovision out of ALL PLACES? Bitch, fucking, please.
It's either eastern-block voting, overabundance of middle-eastern tinged sounds and now blue-eyed blondes who are only able to win there. You can't have everything at once as an excuse, really.

Jessy Matador was one of the biggest crossover hits from Eurovision in recent memory. Stella didn't go through finals because she butchered the already shit verses in her live vocal and performed at the beginning of the show.