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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. All Saints would be great given they had a European following and can sing live. Also seems very coincidental their new single is out same day the selection show airs.
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  2. Are we expecting "established acts" in this selection show? I thought it was just going to be six Josh Dubovie types.
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  3. I suppose it all depends on what you class as 'established' acts? There's been a 'leaked' list doing the rounds on social media recently and they include Jess Wright (as in Mark Wright's sister from TOWIE, who did have a song out a couple of years ago called Dance All Night, can't imagine she's much cop live though) and Nicholas MacDonald who came 2nd to Sam Bailey on X-Factor in 2013. Not sure if you'd count them as established or not.

    Really not adverse to Pixie Lott giving this a go - All Saints, whilst might be good, I fear it'll just look like us sending retired pop-stars again (a la Blue, Bonnie etc.)

    Ideally I'd love Alexandra Burke to take this on, the girl can sing, dance, and has a real presence on stage when performing. She's also be a bit of a chatacter for all of the press that there would surround it.

    I guess we'll just have to wait the fortnight to see who's made the cut. Oh and to answer someone's earlier question I believe it's 6 songs on the night we'll get to choose from.
  4. I'm not a fan of Pixie Lott, but a song like All About Tonight could work. Can she sing live though?

    Natasha Bedingfield would be great for this.
  5. Jess Wright could be quite good actually! Great voice, great look and I'd love us to send a banger again. Her singles Dance All Night and Dominoes would have been good entries.
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  6. I think Jess would be a good fit too if she delivered a Europop bop. Really liked Dance All Night at the time
  7. Hurts would be the ideal band. Well known in a lot of Europe - better known than in the UK and with a large fan-base over there. It would also give them the publicity to at long last be better known over here.

    And this would be the ideal song too....

    I played it to someone I work with the other day and he actually asked me was this the UK entry?
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  8. Really looking forward to seeing what the BBC has to offer
  9. So is it Monday 22nd that the entries play on BBC R2 then that Friday is the live show?
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  10. MB


    Yep. Well it doesn't say played on Ken Bruce it just says that the acts will be 'revealed'.
  11. MB


    Any ideas at all who's going to be doing this? I'm surprised we don't know anything yet, considering it's only a few days away. I remember the excitement last year when there were rumours of the Burke doing it! Although she is on a break atm from the bodyguard....
  12. Maybe the Jess Wright rumour is true considering she's quit TOWIE the week before the selection show.
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  13. I would be so excited if this was true!
  14. Is Jess Wright a strong singer? I've never heard her.
    I just want the UK to send something strong, and something that is capable of winning, and if thats in the form of a reality tv star, I don't mind.
  15. I think she's got a great pop voice. I wouldn't be averse to us sending something like this!

  16. Her voice isn't bad at all. I'd like a stronger song than this one. Lyrics are so important, I cringe at so many ESC Nf entries
  17. That's Jess in a studio context - has anyone heard what she's like live?

    IF that 'leaked' list is to be believed, then her song is called "Heartbreak at the Disco"...
  18. She has sang live on TOWIE and I think she's really good. I like the sound of Heartbreak at the Disco!
  19. Jessica Wright?

    Ewwww. Come on, there has to be someone better that we could send.
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  20. MB


    Agreed! If we're trying to do well this year sending that trashy wannabe isn't going to help matters! (No offence @idratherjack)
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