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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. God, I'm listening in to Radio 2 right now feeling so anxious. Please, BBC, at least one decent song.
  2. ... and it's time for Number 1 - (let's hope it's not a number 2 ....)
  3. I quite like this first one.
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  4. MB


    Jake and Joe? That popular duo. Although I'm quite enjoying it.
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  5. Joe Woolford - I love this boy. Just wish the song was stronger but I like. Good start!
  6. Good start so far! We've already surpassed Electro Velvet which is promising.
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  7. He can sing live can our Joe -

    I utterly loved this performance.
  8. Let me bop to Lush Life a bit.

    Thanks, Radio 2.
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  10. Slightly O/T but Holly Johnsons new single would have been perfect for Eurovision this year.
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  11. I thought it was an entry.
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  12. MB


    Oh Bianca, after such a promising pop EP and you bring us this!?
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  13. This second song would get swallowed up on the night. Definite no.
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  14. Totally agree. Shame.
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  15. I'm just relieved that the quality (so far) is a total shift from what we've come to expect these days from a UK Eurovision selection. So far, so good!
  16. I'm at work and can't hear this! Aaargh!

    Any bangers or big names yet? (or Jessica Wright?)
  17. Leona Lewis has co-written one of the songs revealed so far.
  18. With BIFF STANNARD as well! Shame the song just sounds like a reject from Leona's last album, and probably is.

    Bianca used to be in Parade, that girlband off of "Louder"
  19. MB


    how she went from this to 'Shine a light' I'll never know.
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  20. Ewwww she was the one with the blonde hair with the annoying fringe?
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