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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. No standouts at all but I prefer songs 1, 2 and 5.

    Back to Melodifestivalen I go.
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  2. After reading your comments (and no Jess Wright) I can't even be bothered to listen to these later!
  3. I think people are being a bit unfair. Bangers aren't really what win the competition these days and I feel this is the BBC taking it seriously to reflect that. But clearly I'm in the minority.
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    I don't think anyone expected Scooch. But 'taking it seriously' doesn't have to mean 6 slow/mid tempo tracks majority guitar led. Look at Melodefest, Heroes, Euphoria etc. I guarantee you now - non of these songs will win. We'll be lucky to get a top 10 position.
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  5. It all sounds very James Fox. Which is never a good thing.
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  6. Euphoria and Heroes say hello.
  7. You're all wrong! Bianca's song is amazing - Such a massive and immediate chorus.
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    Exactly the reason Leona passed on it for her album.
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  9. How many British artists make that sort of euro banger though?

    Fan favourite so far seems to be Darline, the country duo. I'd be happy to support that. We won't win but it's a respectable entry with a shot of knocking on the door of the top 10. Better luck next year.
  10. Twitter certainly seem to favour Joe and Jake from the tweets I have seen, Darline have hardly been mentioned (in a positive manner anyway). I can't see us getting anywhere near the top 10 with that song.
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    I'm sure plenty of UK acts create a euro banger - Alexandra Burke's last album was full of them.
    I can see the country one going through although it's a bit late to the party as eurovision have had plenty of country songs (and a lot better ones for that matter)
    The UK gave Malta's entry in 2014 10 points

    A much better country pop song than Darline.
    Digital Spy have done a write up about the entries - and by that they dedicate half the article to J&J and give the others one line each. Excellent.
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  12. The UK should just approach Hurts again for next year. Job done.
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    I obviously get it, but it just seems a shame that the UK has all these amazing acts yet all we can muster are new artists. Compare that to Oz who last year sent Guy Sebastian who is fairly big in Oz and this year they're rumoured to be sending Delta.
  14. I can only speak as an outsider, but I think the UK are pretty much in the same position as The Netherlands were before we started taking it seriously again by sending a well-known, experienced act (Anouk). Sure, I voted for Heroes last year despite not knowing the singer at all, but I just expect more from a country like the UK.

    That said, the You're Not Alone song is nice in an 'album track on a boy band debut album' sort of way.
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  15. Whilst I'm sad at the lack of 'bangers' i think we can hold our heads high with this selection, as many people have pointed out all over Social Media there's not even a whiff of a novelty song for which I'm grateful. Perhaps they just need to make it a bit safer this year as it's their first foray into this type of selection for 8 years - so some non-offensive guitar pop fitted the bill.

    Was hoping for more from Miracle, but I think I'm throwing my vote behind the two boys song no.1 - but happy to have my mind changed Friday night once we've heard them live.
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  16. The general quality is leagues better than it has been for years but there is no real standout here and certainly no winner. But at least three of these could finish strongly.
  17. Bianca has to be our entry, surely?

    Dulcima and Darline can perish.
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  18. It's all about Bianca and Shine A Little Light. Watch it be the two lads from The Voice though.
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  19. We will not learn our lesson about duo's, will we?
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    Well to be fair, it is the better song.
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