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UK Eurovision Entry 2016

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by andrew*, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I think I may give up on us ever churning out a Svetlana. What a moment.

  2. MB


    Oh man. I loved/still love this song, and what a performance.
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  3. Darline is easily the fan favourite and is now emerging as the bookies favourite too
  4. After seeing them last Saturday night I really do think we're missing a trick with them. Especially after they have expressed an interest in doing it.

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  5. Is it too late to re-form Deuce?
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  6. Link(s)?
  7. From a 100% thirsty standpoint, well done on selecting Karl William as a finalist........
  8. Darline winning on these two and close between them and Bianca on the Metro one.

    On the betting sites again it's between Darline and Bianca.
  9. Not surprised in the betting that Matthew James and Dulcima are the rank outsiders as these were the 2 I least liked. I suppose a lot depends on how they all do vocally live on Fri night!
  10. Yeah I think the performance is going to be key. I'm a bit concerned Karl might pull something out of the bag from the pimp slot.
  11. Well Joe and Jake might struggle performing first which is a shame (for me, anyway!) and yes Karl certainly has
    the best slot. It will be interesting.
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  12. They basically probably got submitted bangers from fun pop stars and then told all the artists to beige it up didn't they?

    Like I don't buy that Bianca would wear that awful biege coloured sack shaped tunic she's wearing in the official picture. Sigh.
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  13. Well that was a huge disappointment, i've been avoiding this thread until I could listen to all six in full.

    Joe & Jake seems like the best song, nothing else comes close really.

    That country song is atrocious from start to finish, and those media outlets calling it "Pure Country" have never heard country music in their life, it's offensively twee pop.
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  14. I'm stanning for Shine a Little Light. It gives me the right amount of Eurovision melodrama.
  15. Not even heard it but the title alone puts me off, it sounds too much like the title of the UK's last winning song.
  16. Maybe it's a sign.
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  17. fyi, it's not a sign.
  18. Maybe it is a sign.
  19. When you compare our national final songs with every single song in the running for Melodifestivalen this year you can just see why the Swedes get the results that they do.
  20. I saw the sign and it opened up my mind
    And I am happy now living without you this song.
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