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UK Eurovision Entry 2018 - AnNie

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Basing your Eurovision entry purely on vocals alone is a seemingly sensible and British thing to do...shame it's out of step with how the modern contest actually works. Competent vocals don't matter when the song is too mid-tempo to stand out on the bop front and the lyrics are straight-up shit and will fail to impress any national jury. We're essentially in no man's land in terms of strengths.

    Sending something exciting and different to other countries would've at least created an opportunity - the 'breathlessness' in Asanda's vocalists would've been smoothed out by practice...or they could pull a Demi and beef it the fuck out with an army of backing vocalists. We're in the final either way - why not send something a bit more daring? Legends could've counted on a decent performance in the televote in the very least.

    There is literally a better version of what Storm is trying to be in every national selection contest, hell, Switzerland and Malta have already selected them. I mean...Germany sent a slightly worse version of this last year and they came 25th, only ahead of the most hated man in Spain. I'll keep an open mind for the revamp and hope there is some decent staging to be produced...but I'm far from hopeful.
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  2. Also still a bit perplexed that, when asked to name their favorite Eurovision song, the “panel of experts” chosen for the selection show could only name* (a) the song that was played literally in full and mentioned repeatedly throughout the show and (b) the song of the co-presenter. I mean, I know we weren’t going to get anyone saying “Open Your Heart” by Birgitta but come on.

    *In fairness, Rylan also knew who Loreen was.
  3. Do Legends and Crazy at least get to go on Spotify? Or is that it for the poor loves?
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  4. Disappointed but all is not lost. It was second best song with the best performance. I am worried about her ability to hit some of the bigger notes though. Hopefully by May she’ll have ironed out the creases.
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  5. I'd just like to alert all my eurovunties to this shocking act of plagiarism. On January 25th, I made the following post:

    This was liked by one Miss @NecessaryVoodoo, which only adds to my belief that this theft is not only blatant but has also been in the planning for the last 2 weeks.

    My lawyers will be dealing with the situation.
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  6. I assume this will come in handy for you:

  7. On first listen I loved Asanda, and thought it would win hands down - yet sadly last night it didn't cut the mustard. It felt like something was missing the entire performance and it needed lifting vocally, which I was not expecting.

    SuRie on the other hand I thought was pleasant and had flag wave ability, and I found myself humming and singing bits of it daily - then last night it just stood out. Vocally it was great, the lyrics still lack a little, but it just gets you singing.
    They just need to crack the staging and lighting.. I think violinist a-la Jade Ewen
    I hope it does well.
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  8. So you didn't like 'Storm' then?

    I think 'Legends' almost sounded too cool for Eurovision. Let's face it - it's not often that a truly amazing could-be-no.1 song does well in Eurovision. It's usually something incredibly corny, incredibly sweet or incredibly weird, at least in recent times.

    We've opted for something on the sweet/corny side but despite its basic lyrics seems to resonate with people. I think SuRie has a good image and it works in her favour that she's been involved in past contests so she knows how it works and hopefully won't have many nerves on the night. I could easily see all those other contestants from last night's show getting completely overwhelmed with nerves and stumbling.

    I think this is, at the very least, the most 'Eurovision' song we've put forward in a good few years.
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  9. It still baffles me why they didn’t take Mel C up on her offer a few years back when she said she would do Eurovision for the U.K. as long as she didn’t have to compete against other artists in the selection show.
  10. I think you answered it in your question. What kind of what-if-I-lose superiority complex?
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  11. When/where did she say this as it sounds so out of character.
  12. [​IMG]

    *Cascada's Glorious plays softly in background*
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  13. Pye


    What I'm wondering is what's so different about Asanda's song and performance? It's just like any other popular shit in the charts these days. I actually went and took a wee break a minute into her performance.

    I'm happy with who was chosen as the song really got the audience going (always a good thing). I think Astronaut could also have been a good choice as the vocals and the chorus really stood out.
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  14. I can't believe Katy Perry is doing Eurovision! Wow
  15. I’d be intrigued to know the full breakdown of the voting results. I assume all that is kept under wraps though.
  16. Well well well. I wanted Legends to win, like most people on here really.
    Storm is ok. Her hair is better - it's very Thereza Bazar Circa 1985 Big Kiss, so that's a positive,
    for me.

    17th place for us this year methinks.
  17. I forget the year. If memory serves me right it wasn’t long after scooch.
  18. So when can we download these
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