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UK Eurovision Entry 2018 - AnNie

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Looking forward to the Eurovision album, always some bops.
  2. Maybe for next year they should get all the songs out on Spotify for some time before the contest to see how they fair with the listening public, then use that as a deciding factor

    It's pretty daft that they still aren't on spotify yet
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  3. I still want to know who the mystery judges were and why they felt the need to have them in the first place? Kind of takes away the whole "it's in your hands people" when you know there's people behind the scenes potentially swaying the votes.
  4. In previous years didn't they reveal where everyone placed in the voting? I'd have liked to have known the Top 3 at least.
  5. Wasn't there one year where Sonia represented us and she had to perform like 6 different songs and the public got to choose. I hope I haven't made that up.

    I quite like the idea of having one person chosen to begin with (round one) and then having that person perform 6 different songs (round 2).

    That way you're not just having to go with a certain performer because they have the better song / vice versa.
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  6. Yep that was Sonia in 1993 and we got to choose from 6 songs.


    I liked that way of doing it too.
  7. The BBC have flitted between so many formats - surely someone creative could at least make the home audience give two shits about the selection process
  8. Ditto Frances Ruffelle in 1994 (although there might’ve been eight songs).

    I think it’s probably the best way, seeing as it’s a song contest.

    Perhaps there should be two shows, one to pick the singer and one to pick the song. The BBC don’t seem to care really. At least there was quite a good variety this year.
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  9. That's literally what I just said. Ha.
  10. According to Wikipedia
    The eight-member jury panel consisted of the following: music journalist Caroline Sullivan, music correspondent Roisin O'Connor, regional radio promoter Steve Tandy, Spotify music editor Sara Sesardic, A&R manager Alastair Webber, MTV Music editor Marco Sensi, singer Kele Le Roc and head judge, vocal coach David Grant
  11. Aww I was hoping for Daz Sampson and Gina G.
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  12. I was hoping for Samantha Janus and Frances Ruffelle.
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  14. Whoops. Sorry. I read that post as well.

    I think the best way would be to pick the singer/group soon after Eurovision, then have people submit songs for three or so months to suit them; then hold the song selection competition in Jan/Feb as usual.
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  15. Whenever I read 'Eurovision: You Decide' I always read it like *sigh* 'Eurovision? You decide ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ '.
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  16. So, if they make this style of program a thing, will next year's be from the NEC with Imri and a ridiculous amount of references to 'Diva'?
  17. Hope not!

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  18. I live for our Imri hatred
  19. Have we ever sent a man with a ballad (that the public voted to go, unlike Engelbert)?
  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Our song once again is a complete bore! Talent!

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