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UK Eurovision Entry 2018 - AnNie

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. All of these songs are terribly written but, as per last year, they can be re-tooled and be massive!

    The song thats a rip off of bang bang has to go.
  2. Ok, having listened to them all now - Legends is the only one that could possibly go. With epic staging, a cracking dance routine and strong vocal, it could do well. It won't win but I am hoping left side of the scoreboard. It's the only one I can remember the lyrics too after a couple of listens

    Raya - Definitely the second best after Legends if that isn't picked.

    Jaz Ellington has a lovely song, but it's too dull for Eurovision.

    SuRie - nice enough melody but no where near strong enough to stand out.

    Girl group - mediocre and a rip off of Bang Bang.

    The Astronaut song - just no. So average, so meh, just no.

  3. Some of these are going to be very boring live.

    It's got to be Asanda or, at a push, Raya or Goldstone, though they sound like OG3NE.

    Astronaut should be sent into space.
  4. Asanda needs fire, flames in her performance and fierce dance choreography
  5. After listening to these all several times over I've decided the awful girlband is the worst of the lot, followed by the bland soul song by Jaz Ellington.
    I don't mind Astronaut. We could cut costs on staging and borrow Austria's crescent moon from last year.
    Storms reminds me of A Million Years by Mariette. Has that same sort of vibe to me.
    I liked Asanda most on first couple of listens. However, now I i just had "Oooh ah you're on my mind" going around and around in my head. Such an earworm.
  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Javine is shaking!!!

    I'm so determined to get engrossed in Eurovision this year.
  7. YAS welcome aboard sis!

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  8. The running order for Wednesday is apparently

    Goldstone - "I Feel The Love"
    Jaz Ellington - "You"
    Liam Tamne - "Astronaut"
    RAYA - "Crazy"
    Asanda - "Legends"
    SuRie - "Storm"
  9. Well that puts the stronger ones in a better position

  10. Dddd glad to see we're taking it more seriously this year.

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  11. Okay but Rochelle and Rylan are iconic
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  12. I can see Rochelle and Rylan stanning Asanda

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  13. Asanda or RAYA please.
  14. Okay, after multiple listens my stance has changed slightly.
    Crazy loses appeal very quickly, it just sounds bland now.
    Legends is still good and the lack of chorus seems less jarring
    Astronaut has grown on me a lot obviously nothing to do with Liam’s standing of Drag Race

    ... the rest are best left forgotten.
  15. I don't like the songs very much right now but maybe they'll be remixed.
  16. The idea of Måns meeting Rylan is just too much for my tiny brain to handle...
  17. A&E


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  18. Fixed it for you
  19. Spotted on SVT:
  20. Legends is this more interesting song but its just not catchy enough. However I think with an interesting stage production it could be great. Crazy is basic af (although personally I live for that Macarena sounding intro) but really it should have been what we were sending 20 years ago. However it is catchy and the "ooh ah your on my mind.." is an ear worm. Realistically neither are going to bother the left hand side of the board.
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