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UK Ladies #1s of 2010s Rate | Songs we could've rated: You Bring Me Joy, but not the #1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. What are the odds of me seeing this on twitter today. I'm cackling.
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  2. What's a Jess Glynne?
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  3. 3 ballots so far. I'll wait until we have 5 so I can get to some leaderboard tea.

    Some lovelies sent comments for a lot of songs, but I should tell you to keep them to post here before or after the reveals.

    Of course you can send me the whole ballot with commentary as I love to read them, but I'm lazy and not gonna post all of them you should definitely save them for the rate itself!

    My fave so far about Cheryl's I Don't Care: "I don't either".
  4. At least it wasn't someone who dared with Call My Name: "Don't."
  5. Apparently Jessie J cleaned all her insta and is about to release a new single called I Want Love this Friday. Produced by Ryan Tedder.

    The impact of this rate, etc.

    ps: not Pixie Lott giving support comments in all 11 new posts about Jessie's new era! Flop girls unite.
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  6. We're not skipping sharing the commentary again are we? From experience it's not THAT hard to format the posts, and makes the rate feel more democratic.
  7. I can keep track of your Berserky ballot and post them as we get underway with mine Monsieur Melbs!
  8. Ok ok, we allowing commentary for all the songs.
    @berserkboi will be helping with the organisation of all your comments, thanks monsieur. It's my second rate and I've never done that, so hopefully it's not as a hustle as some people make it seem.

    So to the people that already voted, @Mvnl @-scott- and @livefrommelbs, if you wanna include more commentary, please edit your ballot and sent us again!

    For everyone else, pour out those feelings in the form of words when needed!

    Hopefully this won't turn out to be a mess like Jessie J's career. Xo.
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  9. On a more planned note, I want to start the SONGS WE COULD'VE RATED series of posts.

    "Which songs are those?" you may ask. Well, we'll take a look the songs by British women that had to settle for #2 in the UK Charts. It's those songs that we almost had a saying in this rate, but given history and sometimes bad taste we just couldn't this time around.

    We're doing this chronologically. Let's start, shall we?

    Ellie Goulding - Your Song
    Date at #2:
    Number of weeks at #2: 2
    Who blocked her from the top: X Factor Finalists 2010 - Heroes (2 weeks)

    Although Ellie's take on the Elton John classic debuted at the humble #39 in November of 2010, its inclusion in the John Lewis department store Christmas Advert of that year catapulted the popularity of the song. Suddenly the radio stations got on board as well.

    It was almost certain Ellie would have the first #1 of her career! But they didn't consider that Simon Cowell's chances of ruining the charts with artists from The X Factor were still very good at that point! Specially with a cover of David Bowie's Heroes in aid of Help for Heroes, a charity which supports injured servicemen and women. The 2010 X Factor finalists included Matt Cardle, One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson and one of our artists in the rate, Cher Lloyd.

    Ellie had to wait three and half years after that to get her first #1, Burn.

  10. I love Ellie's Your Song cover SO much.
  11. Feeling cute, it's time for another
    and it's a double one, since they were both blocked from #1 by the same artist.

    Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude
    Date at #2:
    Number of weeks at #2: 1
    Who blocked her from the top: Bruno Mars - Grenade

    Jessie J had a fenomenal career start, gotta give her that! Her debut single Do It Like a Dude made some waves online and gained critical appraisal when it was first released in December of 2010. It debuted in #25 in the UK and seven weeks after it reached its highest position, #2.

    In those times when digital sales dominated the charts, a song could be performed and sent to radio way before it was officially released. And the strategy paid off for Bruno Mars with Grenade, which debuted at #1 and stayed there in the following week. Unfortunately Jessie J didn't do it like a dude this time and didn't join the club of the few artists with a debut number one.

    In the mean time, she won the BBC Sound Of 2011, which compiles 160 influential music critics, broadcasters and bloggers choices to name their favorite new acts and won also the Critics Choice at The Brit Awards 2011. Which is very hard to get, not everyone has that! The other two artists that won both awards in 2008 and 2010 respectively were Adele and Ellie Goulding. Speaking of Adele...

    Adele - Rolling in the Deep
    Date at #2:
    Number of weeks at #2: 1
    Who blocked her from the top: Bruno Mars - Grenade

    It's so weird looking back and realising Adele has only two number one singles in her home country! Both in this rate!

    The first single of the 21 era got silver medal, being stopped by Mars' Grenade, but stayed in the UK top 10 for nine weeks! After the release of the following single, the smash hit Someone Like You, she managed to chart both singles in the top 5 at the same time and two of her albums (19 and 21) also in the Album Charts. This was done only by The Beatles before.

    In the United States the song reached #1 and stayed there for respectable 7 weeks, making it the second longest running of that year, only losing to Rihanna's We Found Love, that managed to stay 8 weeks at the top. Legends only!

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  12. R27


    I would take "Do It Like A Dude" over any of Jessie J's entries here.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Do It Like A Dude is horrific!
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  14. Her new song tho... the best thing she put out in years

    (Silence).... I WANT LOOOOOV
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    start without you to win xx
  16. While we wait for other guests, it's time for another
    I said we were doing this chronologically, but of course I messed up and started with Ellie's Your Song. This one should've been the first! Don't mind my timeline confusions.

    Florence + The Machine & Dizzie Rascal - You Got the Dirtee Love
    Date at #2:
    Number of weeks at #2: 2
    Who blocked her from the top: Helping Haiti - Everybody Hurts (1 week); Jason Derulo - In My Head (1 week)

    The first version of Florence's take on You Got The Love (originally by The Source featuring Candi Staton from 1986) got pretty high in 2009, reaching #5.

    Then at The BRIT Awards 2010 a mash up of Florence's version with Dizzie Rascal's Dirtee Love was performed and released digitally. That night Dizzie won Best Male and Florence won British Album of The Year for Lungs. The recorded version of the mashup was included later on in the deluxe version of the album Between Lungs.

    It's pretty clear by now that the brits have a thing for charity's single, so when the collective Helping Haiti released a version of Everybody Hurts (originally by R.E.M) to raise funds to help rebuild Haiti that was heavily hit by an earthquake, it was no different. It got the top spot in the week after the BRIT Awards took place and the partnership between Florence and Dizzie got #2.

    In the following week, when they could potentially top the charts, Jason Derulo released his smash hit In My Head and once again denied the duo the number one place.

    Florence had to wait two years and a half more to get her first chart topper: Spectrum (Say My Name - Calvin Harris Remix)

  17. You Got the Dirtee Love is still so massive to this day, I was literally listening to it last night.
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