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UK Ladies #1s of 2010s Rate | We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Feeling insomniatic and my date didn't let me spend the night at his. Next elimination might be coming soon.
  2. The parts with Judith Light and Bette Midler were fabulous. And David Corenswet is everything. But I found the parts with BP were insufferable. And considering he is the titular character...
  3. Post was liked for the second sentence, not the first, for the record!!
  4. [​IMG]


    Well the cull has started!

    Rudimental feat. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen - These Days
    Date at #1: 05/04/2018

    Weeks at #1: 1
    Average: 4.766
    Total points: 166.80

    Max: 8.0 x 4 (@MilesAngel, @Epic Chocolat, @livefrommelbs, @Remorque) 7.5 x 2 (@BubblegumBoy, @Ezz)
    Min: 0.0 x 3 (@slaybellz, @Verandi, @Cutlery) 1.0 (@Pineapple) 1.5 (@klow)

    You wish it was a cover of Bardot's song, right?

    These Days was the sophomore single of Rudimental's third album Toast To our Differences. Dan Caplen, who I only got to know because of this rate, wrote the track and recorded the demo, with Rudimental being responsible for the production.

    Caplen, a personal friend of Macklemore, showed the demo to him, who accepted to record the final version of the song. Jess was the last to be added to the mix, as Rudimental felt the need of female vocals and invited her.

    These Days was kept at #2 for seven weeks, blocked by Drake's God Plan. Eventually Drake's track started losing popularity after such a long time and Rudimental et. al finally went to spend a week at the top.

    It was Rudimental's third #1 (the others being Feel The Love with John Newman and Waiting All Night with Ella Eyre, present in this rate). Macklemore grabbed his second #1 in the UK (after Thrift Shop, see here to remember which lady he stopped from getting it).

    As for Glynne, she and Cheryl previously jointly held the record for most number-one singles by a British woman, with five each, but Glynne gained the record in her own right when These Days reached the summit. See post about records here.

    What the PJ crew had to say:

    @Verandi - 0 - Jess Glynne AND Macklemore? You Brits make me sick!
    See also: Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber

    @Filler - 3 -
    The what-the-fuck-are-you-still-doing-at-#1-in-2018 memorial society

    @2014 - 4 - this collection of "artists"....yikes
    Tbh Jess and Mackle make a cute couple in the music video

    @daninternational - 6.2 - How much more must we mackle?

    @livefrommelbs - 8 - There's such a charm about this one, isn't there? The melody of the chorus is top-notch.​

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  5. When I first read about the disgust of Jess Glynne, I thought why that? She can't be that annoying. After listening to the songs in this rate I definitely knew why. You poor guys, you have been listening to the same song all the time since 2014! How come that she was so often #1 in the UK?

    I gave the song 6 points. Her singing style is rather annoying, the guy's voice is really week, the arrangement horrible, but the chorus is nice.
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  6. I hadn't heard this song before and it isn't the sort of song I would usually enjoy, but it had an effect on me.
    The chorus, especially the lyric 'And we'll wish we could come back to these days, these days' really hit me.
    There are moments in my life, people from the past, good times and bad times, that I took for granted, and in light of what's been happening in the world for the last 18 months, I wish I could go back to those days.
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  7. I'd absolutely be happy with the other Rudimental song that's here winning the rate.
  8. Should have scored this lower than 7. It's an absolute bore that has been stuck in my head, all week long. This song isn't just not Jess' best, it's absolutely nobody's best here.
  9. It's also strikingly similar to Good Old Days, which I prefer cos Kesha
  10. One down, six to go

  11. Any song involving Macklemore is an automatic 0 from me.
  12. 0 - Well done REDACTED finding some company! REDACTED is an 11 though!
  13. Next up: a song from the first 3 years of the rate. Jess is fine for now!
  14. "Well done Shoutout To My Ex finding some company! Oath is an 11 though!"

    So it's Swagger Jagger, sadly.
  15. Beneath Your Beautiful I guess or Cannonball?
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  16. Oh right, I thought the "finding some company" meant there being another 0 in the rate, but it could be another Little Mix song too. I don't see @berserkboi giving Beneath Your Beautiful a 0 though, sadly dd
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I fear for Cannonball, which I know everyone (including the girls) hates but.. I guess it has a special place in my heart for reminding me of the night they won, plus I didn't know the song before they recorded it which may help as well?
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  18. Maybe so, maybe so. But there are better, often much older or sometimes new, songs that resonate with me and reminds me of what the hell we've been through the last two years.
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  19. Also, @berserkboi, @saviodxl, did you receive my comments in your inbox yesterday afternoon? Sorry for taking a while.
  20. Yes I did - I will have to add to the overall commentary sheet shortly so we use them onwards when I get out of bed!
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