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UK Ladies #1s of 2010s Rate | We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. It's... literally a Racey Lacey/ Control Of The Knife / Damn/ Fix Me Up mashup, the typical cabaret-esque, mid-tier Girls Aloud album track. Multiple music critics noted the similarities too.

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  2. Gentleman is shite.
    Higher and Up are prime Saturdays tracks.
    I just wanted an excuse to post this performance where Una's drunk as hell, Vanessa's mic is with interference and she goes off stage to try to fix it, Rochelle is embarrassed with the whole situation. A classic, a classic!


    Now which track y'all think is gonna miss the top 5?
  3. Spectrum is the only one I don't think belongs in the top 5 (but definitely deserved top 10). Ideally the eliminations will go in this order:

    6. Spectrum
    5. New Rules
    4. Sweet Nothing
    3. Call My Name
    1/2. I Will Never Let You Down and Ghost

    But I am fully aware this is probably wishful thinking and it'll be Call My Name, New Rules and IWNLYD fighting on the podium.
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  4. Dd this is hilarious! And she comes back just in time for the final note.
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  5. What About Us was my last non-10 left, the top 6 is pure excellence.

    I think the song to miss the top 6 should be Call My Name, a bop as it is, it's not quite on the same level as the other five. It'll probably be New Rules though, or maybe Spectrum.
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  6. I really hope there's a silent majority of Call My Name lovers because it's being called out a little too much for my liking...

    I feel like my lowest score left is probably gonna make the Top 3, so i'd like to see Ghost leave next.
  7. Thank you, drag ha to hell for this blasphemy!
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  8. *turns to the next page*

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  9. No 11s will be lost now. But it's the track with the most 10s so far!


    Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing
    Date at #1: 27/10/2012

    Weeks at #1: 1
    Average: 8.700
    Total points: 304.50

    Max: 10.0 x 14 (@Ana Raquel, @slaybellz, @livefrommelbs, @Remorque, @soratami, @Sprockrooster, @WowWowWowWow, @Untouchable Ace, @Phonetics Girl, @daninternational, @berserkboi, @2014, @Robsolete, @MilesAngel) 9.5 (@Epic Chocolat) 9.3 (@saviodxl)
    Min: 5.0 (@JakobVision22) 6.0 x 3 (@Mvnl, @Ezz, @Pineapple) 6.8 (@P Grandson)

    Calvin Harris had previously worked with Florence in the remix of Spectrum, which would've become her first chart topper (more on that later). Fittingly after that, Calvin was recording his third studio album, 18 months, and decided to ask for the favor back and have her vocals in one of the tracks.

    Harris initially thought she wouldn't do it, specially because she was on tour and her schedule was chaotic. Eventually she agreed, but had only two days to record it in London. He had already the melody, but not the lyrics, so he rushed with that part and Welch gave minor changes to it prior recording.

    The song about an unfulfilling relationship became Calvin Harris' fifth single of that era. With the previous four he got #2 in the charts: Bounce with Kelis, Feel So Close, We'll Be Coming Back ft. Example and Let's Go feat. Ne- Yo. So Sweet Nothing had big shoes to fill!

    The Florence assisted track did what the others couldn't and debuted straight at #1 and stayed in the top 100 for 22 weeks. It became Harris' fourth number one (he would have six more, whew) and Florence's second (and so far, final). In the US the track peaked at #10 and became Florence's first top 10 there.

    The song was nominated for Best Dance Track in the 2013 Grammys, but was beaten by Skrillex.

    You're giving me such sweet comments:

    @Filippa - 8 - A bit overproduced but Florence saves it.

    @Filler - 8 - Very basic of me that the only two Florence songs I ever listen to are the ones in this rate

    @Verandi - 8 - The drop remains your typical Calvin nonsense but it's still a banger. Maybe one day Flo will give us a dance diva album. Please Flo.

    @TéléDex - 8.6 - Odd how Titanium made a very slow trek to No. 1 during this year, and then, this song happened and went there very quickly.

    @R27 - 9 - Florence’s brief foray as a dance diva was something to behold, wasn’t it?

    @livefrommelbs - 10 - This is definitely my favourite of the Calvin/Flo collabs. It's been on my running playlist for nigh on a decade now, and it still gives me such a rush.

    @2014 - 10 - Calvin & Florence really are a perfectly surprising match, definitely one of my contenders to win here!!

    @Ana Raquel - 10 - The fact that this is probably my favorite Florence-related release. Dd

    @daninternational - 10 - An 11 contender, NOTHIIIIIIIING

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  10. TOP 5


    Cheryl - Call My Name

    Florence & The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris remix)


    Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

    Ella Henderson - Ghost


    Dua Lipa - New Rules
  11. I think overscored Spectrum because I love the original so much and it's a nice take on it, this one doesn't have that same kind of appeal and overstayed its welcome.

    That being said, Ghost and Spectrum out at #5 and #4 respectively and that's a kilter Top 3.
  12. Okay, but holy fuck at Florence's performance on Sweet Nothing.



  13. My plan is:
    - Tomorrow: post #5
    - Sunday: post #4
    - Monday: post #3
    - Tuesday: finale

    And just so you know #5 and #4 got the same average, but one of them didn't get any 11s, which will be the criteria to break the tie.
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  14. Its a shame Calvin so often uses his powers for evil because he really has created some absolute master works over the years.
  15. Wrong Florence feat. Calvin song leaving but a great top 5 nonetheless!
  16. Nooo! This deserved Top 5 over Rita and Ella.

    And good to know no 11s are leaving tomorrow and mine is safe for another day.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Sweet Nothing should've outlasted Spectrum teebs. Maybe Ella's a dark horse?
  18. Ella Henderson the verge of winning another versus rate as underdog is about to make me HOWL (X Factor being the first)!

    That said. I feel like Florence and Rita are most deserving and legendaric to win this.
  19. Sweet Nothing >>> Spectrum
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  20. Spectrum is worse than Sweet Nothing; but they are 5 and 4 respectively. Would love to see Ella take the win!

    Not this being two of Girls Aloud’s worst songs though…
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