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UK Ladies #1s of 2010s Rate | We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. It will never cease to amaze me that the guy who made this video series

    eventually became an Armani underwear model.
  2. Are you prepared to be shocked?

    Too much electricity, you know.

    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Date at #1: 24/08/2017

    Weeks at #1: 2
    Average: 8.774
    Total points: 307.10

    Max: 10.0 x 14 (@Ana Raquel, @slaybellz, @livefrommelbs, @Remorque, @soratami, @daninternational, @2014, @Cutlery, @TéléDex, @Conan, @klow, @BubblegumBoy, @-scott-, @Filippa) 9.8 (@Epic Chocolat) 9.5 x 3 (@Lost In Japan., @DJHazey, @P Grandson)
    Min: 4.5. (@Verandi) 6.0 (@Phonetics Girl) 7.0 x 4 (@Robsolete, @R27, @Filler, @Pineapple)

    I don't know what's more shocking to me: that this was her first of only two number ones in the UK or that it didn't get any 11s here in the rate! Lots of 10s, but scores in between 7 and 8 prevented it from getting further in the top 4.

    New Rules was Dua's seventh single of her debut era! I mean, do you know any artist that releases that many singles nowadays? But you know what they say: better late than never! New Rules debuted at #75 in the UK charts based on downloads alone. The week after, when it was available in streaming platforms, it rose to #36. Only after the release of the now iconic music video the song gained traction to get inside the top 10 and eventually number one in its sixth week! Before that Dua had made two appearances in the top 10: one with Sean Paul with no Lie (#10 in 2016) and the other one alone with Be The One (#9, earlier in 2017).

    New Rules became Dua's first big hit worldwide and cemented her A-List popstar status, getting #1 also in Germany, Ireland and Belgium and getting top 10 in many other countries, including the US (it peaked #6 there).

    The following year she got the coveted Best New Artist at the Grammys and although she had only one more number one in the charts (One Kiss with Calvin Harris, our #23 of the rate), we know she came to stay and will probably keep releasing bop after bop chasing after that third chart topper.

    You know he's only commentin' 'cause he's drunk and alone:

    @Verandi - 4.5 - The pre-chorus? Iconic, yes, but I still refuse to be gaslit into thinking that chorus is good. The only song that actually benefited from a *shivers* Initial Talk remix.

    @R27 - 7 - This is good, but Dua has much better songs in her arsenal. Probably didn’t help that this was overplayed to death.

    @Filler - 7 - I remember my mum bursting into my room in 2017 to ask "Tom! What's that song that goes 'I've got no rules, I count them'?" Cultural impact

    @livefrommelbs - 10 - FIRST OF ALL, AND SECOND OF ALL, the fact that this is the only single from 2017? What the feck was happening there? But most of all, this song is a classic that deserved every single ounce of its success. It's not aged AMAZINGLY, but it's still a perf 10.
    Streamings killed the popstar. Ed Sheeran and Drake happened.

    @Filippa - 10 - It’s quite unusual and maybe that’s what makes it fascinating.

    @TéléDex - 10 - I remember thinking this was nothing like Be The One, but then, when I got more into this, I really got into this. The chorus lyrics just gets to me.

    @2014 - 10 - The COMPLETE birth of an icon, we were not ready.

    @daninternational - 10 - My 11 in the Dua rate, but it's not fair to judge this song on the same level as the basic British bops from all the other girls

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  3. Harsh but true.
  4. My typing is as good as early Dua's dancing today
  5. “If you’re under him, you ain’t gettin’ over him” should be in the first chapter of every philosophy textbook. Life changing.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    My commentary making the title again softens the blow a little. Completely perplexed at Spectrum storming, though I do like it a lot!!
  7. Despite my score, Dua should have been Top 3!
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  8. While I don't necessarily agree with their score, I do agree with @Verandi about New Rules' chorus being a bit of a fizzer (particularly after the iconic pre-chorus). That's definitely become more noticeable over time, as the gap between the cultural moment that was the video/this song blowing up and the present day widens.

    Still, anything lower than 5th place would have felt too soon!
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  9. Not me having this late reviniosm for New Rules and growing to love the song (I gave it an 8,0) when the forum is done with her more and more.
  10. She had a great performance in the rate, but no top 3 for her this time.


    Florence & The Machine - Spectrum (Say My Name)(Calvin Harris Remix)
    Date at #1: 21/07/2012

    Weeks at #1: 3
    Average: 8.774
    Total points: 307.10

    Max: 11.0 (@Cutlery) 10.0 x 11 (@slaybellz, @Remorque, @soratami, @2014, @-scott-, @Filippa, @WowWowWowWow, @Untouchable Ace, @Sprockrooster, @berserkboi, @saviodxl) 9.8 (@DJHazey)
    Min: 5.0 x 2 (@Pineapple, @JakobVision22) 6.0 (@Mvnl) 6.5 x 2 (@Lost In Japan., @SuperNerd)

    Sometimes all you need is a remix to get a #1! Even before releasing her sophomore album, Ceremonials, Spectrum was a track that had been performed already in festivals and showcases. But when it was announced as the fifth single of the album, it came with a twist: a Calvin Harris remix.

    The originally downtempo orchestral pop gained an EDM treatment and the result was a bliss. Critics were generally positive stating that Florence's vocals are a housepop producer's dream. Wether it was because of the remix or because of the David LaChapelle's directed music video, the twist worked right! Spectrum (Say My Name) not only debuted at #1, the first time Florence ever reached the summit, but stayed there for two more weeks. It came as a wonderful surprise as none of the previous singles of that era had even reached the top 10 (lead single Shake It Out peaked at #12).

    In the US the track failed to enter the Billboard Hot 100, but got #1 in the Dance Club songs. It had its first televisioned performance at the American X Factor, in the semi-finals.

    It was nominated for British Single at the 2013 Brit Awards and its parent album was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2013 Grammys.

    Florence and Calvin went to work together one more time as we've seen with Sweet Nothing, to get another #1 for both of them. They never collaborated again after that. A shame!

    Say my name and every comment illuminates:

    @Verandi - 7.5 The original is better, but I'm happy Flo got a #1.
    Flo Rida blocking great pop songs from getting number one, we've seen enough. Right Flo this time.

    @Ana Raquel - 8 - I like this way more than the original

    @R27 - 8.5 - I would have loved an album’s worth of Florence and Calvin Harris collaborations. Or an EP’s worth at least.

    @Filler - 9 - The ENERGY this gives me... I feel like I could destroy a planet rn.
    The power, the impact, the international implications.

    @daninternational - 9.5 - A banger, but also very of it's time.

    @MilesAngel - 9.5 - The original album version would be a potential 11.

    @TéléDex - 9.7 - I think I got Florence bias this time round. I hate to see it, but it was a good song all round, despite the fact that this production you could mash up with Call My Name.
    Calvin just recycling melodies and using each one with a different pop star. We love to see it. Charitable (but also sneaky) king.

    @Filippa - 10 - Timeless masterpiece.

    @Sprockrooster - 10 - Despite the grand middle-8 missing this still is among the best from both of their careers.

    @2014 - 10 - What a CORKER of a remix, Florence's voice was made to soar over Calvin's production.

    @Cutlery - 11 The original is majestic and this remix doesn't retract from it, merely repainting it in a coating more palatable to the trends of the time. And it worked, seeing Flo got a #1 out of it. A win-win situation!

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  11. Which means our medalists are

    Cheryl - Call My Name

    Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

    Ella Henderson - Ghost

    Bronze medal revealed tomorrow!​
  12. To be honest I only gave this a 10 because of my love for the original track and Florence in general.

    But still why is Ghost still in? If it outlasts my 11 I will be pissed!
  13. Rita has definitely over performed, the other 2 have their merits.

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  14. 7-8-9 for me, this can be interesting
  15. That was my last 10 left after losing four of them in a row... Now I have an 8, 8.5 and my 11.

    Obviously there's only one outcome i'd like to see but losing to the Ritabots will be an easier pill to swallow than some random X Factor contestant. Don't get me wrong, Ghost is a good song, but winning the entire rate is very:
  16. I have a 7.5, a 10 (my almost-11) and my 11 left.

    This could be a great Top 2.
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  17. Nowadays, New Rules is all about the Initial Talk remix for me.

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  18. While this remix is a 10, the original is nothing but blandness. I'm sorely missing a Florence in this final showdown.
  19. Some of y'all lied to Cheryl several times. A top 3 girl she is not.
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