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UK Ladies #1s of 2010s Rate | We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by saviodxl, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. I Will Never Let You Down was always in the top 10 during the whole voting period. But it never occupied #1 I'm afraid! It got to #2 at some point, but after a few scores lower than 8, she ended up in third.

    I told you the results were gonna be a mess nn.
  2. My rank versus the consensus rank.

    Green = on the mark
    Green = perfect
    Purple = underrated
    Purple = massively underrated
    Red = overrated
    Red = massively overrated

    I Will Never Let You Down // 1 // 3
    Call My Name // 2 // 2
    How We Do (Party) // 2 // 21
    I Love It // 2 // 9
    Burn // 2 // 27
    One Kiss // 2 // 23

    Spectrum // 7 // 4
    Louder // 8 // 36
    All About Tonight // 8 // 28
    Hot Right Now // 8 // 20
    Young // 11 // 39
    I Don't Care // 11 // 26

    Promises // 13 // 12
    Black Magic // 13 // 10
    Don't Be So Hard On Yourself // 13 // 32
    Turn the Music Louder (Rumble) // 13 // 14
    Price Tag // 17 // 43
    What About Us // 17 // 7
    Start Without You // 19 // 33
    Swagger Jagger // 19 // 50
    RIP // 19 // 34
    Rockabye // 19 // 29

    Love Me Like You Do // 23 // 22
    Domino // 24 // 13
    Rather Be // 24 // 19
    Shout Out to My Ex // 26 // 30

    Promise This // 27 // 11
    Sweet Nothing // 27 // 6
    Changing // 27 // 15
    Once // 30 // 8
    Wings // 30 // 17
    Need U (100%) // 32 // 25
    My Love // 32 // 41

    Ghost // 32 // 2
    Twilight // 35 // 35
    Gecko (Overdrive) // 35 // 37

    Hold My Hand // 35 // 38
    Waiting All Night // 38 // 24
    Crazy Stupid Love // 39 // 42
    I'll Be There // 40 // 46
    Beneath Your Beautiful // 41 // 48
    Somewhere Only We Know // 41 // 44
    The Power of Love // 43 // 40

    Hello // 43 // 16
    Someone Like You // 45 // 18

    Not Letting Go // 45 // 47

    River // 45 // 52
    Bang Bang // 48 // 31
    Cannonball // 49 // 49
    These Days // 49 // 51

    Heatwave // 51 // 45
    Skyscraper // 52 // 53
  3. My 11. I thought it was going to win for SURE.
  4. A gun would be too easy.

    But trust that certain people will suffer.
  5. It's a "problem" that most labels and popstars have been facing since the charts started to weight more the streams than sales. Streaming services, led by Spotify, really changed the game and popstars and their teams need to keep up and formulate new strategies to stay relevant.

    But yeah, the stagnation of the charts, where one act stays there for many weeks basically because their song was included in millions of playlists or because their fans have available time to coordinate themselves to do listening parties etc pisses me off! But that's the way it is!

    I hope a big shift happens in the general public taste so we can have more dynamic charts and pop songs at the top again, but until then...
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  6. Welp the top two got an 8 and 7 so... Cheryl for the win I guess?
  7. Guess I'll sit over here on my own and root for Ghost to win, then.
  8. I’m with you, at the river, praying!
  9. I'm really sorry that I did this to Rita - as I said this was the one song of the rate I should have rated higher ... I really love the chorus but I'm not so here for the verses ... Would she have won if I had given this song 8 instead of 6 points? If so let's start all over!

    I'm still rooting for my 11. I hope it's the same as @MilesAngel 's. And @livefrommelbs and @Lost In Japan. that's the right spirit!
  10. No...
  11. It's time!

    So this song was a clear winner in the beginning. Until I extend the voting period, so the detractors came and tanked it. I regret extending the voting period? A little!

    Me diving in regret:

    Cheryl - Call My Name
    Date at #1: 17/06/2012

    Weeks at #1: 1
    Average: 8.977
    Total points: 314.20

    Max: 11.0 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @slaybellz) 10.0 x 16 (@slaybellz, @DJHazey, @SuperNerd, @Remorque, @soratami, @WowWowWowWow, @livefrommelbs, @BubblegumBoy, @Pineapple, @Conan, @Untouchable Ace, @-scott-, @Sprockrooster, @saviodxl, @Ezz, @Mvnl, @Phonetics Girl) 9.8 (@daninternational)
    Min: 4.0 (@Filler) 6.0 x 2 (@R27, @Filippa) 7.0 x 2 (@Hurricane Drunk, @JakobVision22)

    I guess a few of you underscored it because you knew it was going to be a big challenger to your fave. Now look what you've done!

    Cheryl needed a self-esteem boost in 2012. In the previous year not only she was sacked from the X Factor USA for reasons that are still unclear to this day, but also she legally divorced from footballer Ashley Cole and removed his surname, becoming artistically known only as Cheryl.

    And her home country gave her the boost she needed! Call My Name was written and produced by Calvin Harris and initially offered to Rita Ora, that thought the song didn't fit her sound. Cheryl grabbed it the first time she heard it and it was a perfect shot. I'm talking about the music video shot too, of course, directed by Anthony Mandler and full of coreography.

    The dancepop edm bop debuted at #1, becoming her third chart topper, and blocked Flo Rida's Whistle from the summit. Thanks Cheryl and Calvin! It got top 20 in many European countries and top 20 in New Zealand (the first and only there) and top 50 in Australia. It was also the first track of hers officially released in my homeland Brazil, becoming a club hit and dance radio hit there. Can't count how many times I screamed sang this song out loud! This year the single finally reached Platinum certification in the UK, being her second to do so. The first was Fight For This Love.

    The first live performance of the track was at The Voice UK (a clear message to the people that have fired her from the X Factor USA) in which she literally dives onto her dancers. Taking advantage of the expansion of The Voice franchise, she performed at The Voice Denmark and scored her first top 10 there.

    Cheryl eventually made amends with the X Factor franchise, particularly Simon Cowell, and after 3 years absent, went back to her role as a judge in 2015.

    How do you think I feel when you comment?

    @Filler - 4 - Those flat droning vocals could sap the energy out of any instrumental. Replace her with a fart machine and this'd be a six.

    @R27 - 6 - Feels a bit Calvin Harris by the numbers and Cheryl’s vocal doesn’t have enough personality to make it stand out.

    @livefrommelbs - 10 - Cheryl's absolute best for me, and a strong contender for my 11. Calvin truly produced some killer pop songs, didn't he?
    Well, he occupied four of the top 6 positions here. So, yeah!

    @Verandi - 7.5 - Ah, Cheryl, probably the emptiest vessel the British music scene has ever seen. Her label just bought her songs like they were visiting a supermarket and told her to sing. Nothing wrong with that! So many artists do it! But there was something so punk and brazen about Cheryl, she would just tell the press she had no idea what the lyrics of her newly released single meant, have a laugh and see the song shoot at #1. To be honest, this is one of her two #1 which... kinda made sense. It's dumb, it's dated, it's noisy and yet, it bops. Sometimes, that's all an identity-less popstar needs.

    @TéléDex - 8 - Nope. It was overplayed then, and it is very, very overrated now. It's Cheryl at her most average, it's Calvin at his most average. It hasn't aged well as a song.

    @2014 - 9 - probably the winner here? I wouldn't be mad, it's huuuuge.

    @daninternational - 9.8 - Take me to Manchester Pride and I'll get my life

    @Sprockrooster - 10 - The way this came out and put Cheryl right on the map again for me after being so done with her.

    @Ana Raquel - 11 - I used to dislike this in 2012 because it was......... a ~generic bop~. I KNOW IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. At least, I MATURED and stopped looking down at bops as I did in 2012 in my #indie era. This is so iconic, from the song to THAT live. Looking back, I still think 2012 was weak for mainstream pop in general (hence why I started a 1-year #indie era), but this is definitely a pop highlight. Sorry for bashing this earlier I SAW THE LIGHT.
    So glad you overcame your indie era!

    Does anyone know the name of the hot dancer always on her left side? Thanks

    Which means our winner is

    Ella Henderson - Ghost
    Date at #1: 21/06/2014

    Weeks at #1: 2
    Average: 9.183
    Total points: 321.40

    Max: 11.0 x 5 (@livefrommelbs, @BubblegumBoy, @-scott-, @MilesAngel, @Filippa) 10.0 x 10 (@Ana Raquel, @Remorque, @soratami, @Pineapple, @Conan, @Mvnl, @daninternational, @berserkboi, @Lost In Japan., @Robsolete) 9.5 x 3 (@klow, @Epic Chocolat, @JakobVision22)
    Min: 6.0 (@Phonetics Girl) 6.8 (@DJHazey) 7.0 x 2 (@Cutlery, @Untouchable Ace)

    Being one of the favorites to win the ninth series of The X Factor UK in 2013, she got a lot of people shocked when she was eliminated in a sing off against James Artur (who went to win the season) and finished 6th. The good thing is she didn't have to release a boring cover as her debut single!

    She signed to Simon Cowell's publishing label, Syco, and started working on her debut album. Her debut single, written by herself with One Republic's frontman Ryan Tedder was released in June of the following year. It proved that although the general public eliminated her early from the show that made her famous, they were a big supporter of hers nonetheless. Ghost debuted at #1 and stayed there for another week, stopping 5 Seconds Of Summer from getting another chart topper. It got top 10 in many European countries, also Australia and New Zealand and she managed to get also a US hit peaking #21 there.

    She scored another top 10 in the UK charts, Glow (#7), before releasing her debut album that peaked the charts at home. After this, she made other two appearances in the top 10, as a featured artist: with Sigma's Glitterbal in 2014 (#4) and with Jax Jones' This Is Real in 2019 (#9).

    In 2018 it was announced by Syco that the label and her had parted ways. Same old story of former X Factor contestants being signed by Simon Cowell, you know. She tweeted that a lot of good material was scrapped, but she was feeling creatively free.

    I need comments that can wash out the pain:

    @Verandi - 8 - Poor Ella getting a #1 and a hit album only to be ruined by that shit label, like so many girls before her. Yes it's a bit of a Poundland Florence affair but as far as debut singles go, it was more than ok.

    @2014 - 8 - completely huge but I prefer the remixes to this xx

    @R27 - 8.5 - The chorus is a 10/10, but the verses always sounded awkward and out of place with the rest of the song. Still, an excellent debut.

    @TéléDex - 8.8 - A well-deserved No. 1 for Ella. It could signalled something for mid-series elimanted contestants of X Factor, but I think it went No. 1 for a reason and that's because Ella just deserved it at the time, and had the right song. A little cliched sounding and overplayed, but it's alright.

    @daninternational - 10 - Yet another potential 11, probably the best post-X Factor single ever, and a great album too. Shame she never really took off

    @BubblegumBoy - 11 - What a bop, what a vocal! I feel she’s never topped this song, but whew, what a moment.

    @livefrommelbs - 11 - This would be up there with my most played songs of all time. Takes me back to my first year in Melbourne, walking to work in the winter, strutting down the street as if I were Ella in that red dress in the video. This was such a powerful debut, such a chorus, such a moment. One of those tracks that most people seemed to love. Have my 11!

    @MilesAngel - 11 - I grew to adore this in 2018 when a bar I frequented played it a lot. Once heard the chorus would get stuck in my head. Ella's vocals are soulful and full of pain. I love all the religious and supernatural imagery in the lyrics, and the Deep South Gothic video is astounding.

    @Filippa - 11 - This is truly amazing: an incredible voice, an effortlessly infectious chorus and then the middle eight with the almost operatic backing vocals, the falsetto-y “I keep going to the riveeerrr” and then boom the bombastic chorus sets in again. I simply love it.

    Well, thanks UK hunties!
    It was lovely going through that nostalgic journey with you all! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

    New rate with the #2s and #3s of the 2010s coming #soon!

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  12. How... did that win.
    I don't even remember it.
    What an anticlimax.
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  13. Ghost is much better than Call My Name so I guess I'm satisfied with the result!

    Thanks @saviodxl & @berserkboi for this short and sweet rate <3
  14. Well, I lost. But not half as much as I will with my 11 in the future rate! Thanks @saviodxl & @berserkboi! What a ride!
  15. Copy that.
  16. Thanks for running this messy rate (the results not you) @saviodxl, I look forward to the next edition!
  17. When I gave Ghost my 11 and Call My Name 7.5, I never imagained they would be the Top 2. It's a shame that Rita couldn't manage to stay at #2, I wouldn't have minded if she had won.

    But I'm happy that my 11 won. Ghost also managed to get the highest Lowest Score.

    Thanks for the rate @saviodxl. I'm glad I took part.
  18. Why not both?
  19. Thank you for hosting @saviodxl and @berserkboi, it's been a lot of fun, and I like that an (excellent) underdog ended up winning. Definitely looking forward to the next one, do we have some sort of preliminary song list yet?
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